Good times and good puddings

Happy Monday. I’m feeling like summer is definitely over. Now the kids are back at school in the UK my joyous commute to work is like 20-30 minutes longer, and it’s dark, it’s cooler…but then I do love autumn and who doesn’t love Christmas?

Considering how low I was feeling last week, my weekend was actually pretty awesome. It started with a three mile run on Saturday. Cue dramatic tense music. The run went OK. It actually felt pretty good. My shin was only mildly uncomfortably at odd points during the run, not continuously. And afterwards it felt pretty good. Walking as well was fine. But I’ll talk more about running and my Berlin plans in another post.

After running, Ben and I drove up to Cardiff to meet up with my university friends and their respective husbands/partners. Obviously stopping for a quick coffee break. It has to be done!
Costa selfie Then we arrived at Cardiff, caught up and went for a walk. Though the boys got grumpy about walking and went straight to the pub!

The pub was so lovely. It’s called The Old Cottage. For starters Ben and me shared a mahoosive sharing platter which rocked my world. I’m all about sharing platters, which is odd as usually I don’t share food. But I know I’m on a safe ground with Ben as he never eats as much as me anyway.

The Old Cottage It consisted of flatbreads, ribs, chicken skewers, lamb koftas, a sweet chilli dip, tzatziki, watermelon and salad. Oh my life it was good. Ben loved it because of the flatbreads and tzatziki and I loved it because of all the meat and salad. We work well as a pair 😉

For main I had a superfood salad with chicken which was divine and then Ben and me shared a pudding platter. A PUDDING PLATTER. It contained a salted caramel chocolate pot, a gypsy tart (basically a treacle tart), a crème brûlée and a cookie ice cream sandwich. Sadly the chocolate pot was a disappointment as it was so rich and bitter but everything else was amazing.

After more catching up and playing the funniest game in the world – Cards Against Humanity (hilariously so un-PC), we headed back home. Mid-stop I finally found an Anna!

Anna Coke Bottle Didn’t find a Ben though… 🙁

When we got back it was a relaxed evening with no dinner required – we were still so full!!

The next morning we had a nice lie-in and then met up with our friend, Nathan, to go for a bike ride at 10ish. We wanted to go a little later so we could stop for lunch somewhere half way through. Portsolent cycle rideWe cycled 20 miles through lovely countryside and then up the most GOD AWFUL hill known to man (or at least known to me in terms of cycling).

Portsolent cycle The hill was so tough. It went on and on, right up Portsdown Hill in Portsmouth. We cycled along the hill and then had the cool experience of cycling down it, fun times!

We eventually got to Portsolent, locked the bikes up and then headed for food. We chose Zippers which was amazing. What was cool was that we sat outside and could see the hill we’d just conquered.

IMG_7883Past the houses is Portsdown Hill 

I went for an epic line-up (epic in Anna-terms I hasten to add). I had the salad bar to start – you get one trip for a starter so I made sure to strategically load my plate up with lettuce, peppers, feta, chickpeas, roasted butternut squash, broad beans and roasted vegetables.


Then for main I had, but of course, Caesar salad with a side portion of sweet potato fries. HEAVEN. For pudding I had the chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream. Ben had apple pie and Nathan had the cheesecake but seriously I think mine won. It was immense.

We had to have a bit of time walking around before getting back on the bike though…still haven’t mastered the self-restraint thing when eating on a cycling break. Especially when you have to cycle back up Portsdown Hill again afterwards. It was tough, but surprisingly I felt more alive on the way back than the way there.

imageIt was a very hilly ride! In total we rode just over 38 miles but when we stopped at 33 miles I stopped my Garmin like normal and then promptly fell off my bike. Annoyingly I somehow then managed to save the cycle data which means it ended the ride!! So I had to restart my Garmin for the last 5 miles home. I think I was more annoyed about my Garmin than falling off, which was actually quite painful but luckily I landed on my hand rather than any useful marathon running body-parts.

I felt much better after this cycle than last week. I wasn’t crawling to the end. This is probably because we had a longer break in the middle than before I guess. After getting back I took Alfie for a lovely long walk as I felt bad for leaving Alfie for so long for the second day running and listened to a Marathon Talk podcast (I got to hear Maria’s ‘subtract 60 streak’ mention!).

Then I was pooped. No need for dinner again! Hurrah for a weekend of no cooking 😉

How was your weekend?

Do you enjoy hilly rides? I quite like the feeling of conquering a big hill. You feel amazing.

Do you enjoy sharing platters?

14 Replies to “Good times and good puddings”

  1. Now a dessert platter sounds like my kind of thing! My weekend was ok all things considered, we actually had a lovely lunch at my parents and my best friends came to visit Fin which was lovely. I think I must have missed about your injury but hope all is ok!

  2. Mmmm the dessert platter looks good! And sweet potato fries are always great too.
    You are doing so much cycling now- I am really nervous of how busy the roads are now (plus my brakes are broken- they are constantly on a bit, so it make it much harder work!). There did used to be a hill by my house and eventually I worked up to cycling up the whole thing and it was very satisfying when I managed it.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Rice cakesMy Profile

  3. This looks like a fantastic weekend! Great job with the cycling, and I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself too much in the fall! Also I think it’s hilarious/so awesome that you and Ben can share that platter. If I shared with Fabio I would probably get two bites in before he either ate the whole thing or swatted my hands away.
    Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats recently posted…A Nice Run & Weekend FunMy Profile

  4. My commute has gotten stupid too. It’s gone from 20 minutes in the holidays to double that! Crazy!
    We got Cards Against Humanity as a wedding gift and it is hilarious! Sooo many funny answers to be had!
    I must say, your food mid-bikeride looks AMAZING! I’m all about sides of sweet potato fries right now. 🙂
    Mary recently posted…Back to schoolMy Profile

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