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I feel like I still have so much to catch you guys up with. Things have been a bit mental round here and I’m trying to get my ducks in order left right and centre. So without further ado, here are some things that I’ve been currently loving.

The Boston App: My friend, Andy, from the running club who’s just recently run Boston (he’s SUPER fast) sent me a Tweet letting me know that I was a tiny bit famous:That’s me on the app screen for the 2017 race! OK granted you can’t really tell as you can’t see my face, but you can see my running club vest! Clearly the organisers thought that my red, white and blue vest was ideal. And check me out running to the tangents 😉

Becoming more adult: I Facetimed my dad to work out how to use my new tin opener… OK so hear me out before further judgement ensues.I’m used to tin openers that go alongside the vertical sides of a tin, whereas this contraption sits on top. I couldn’t get my head to work it out. I mean I know it’s simple. I just couldn’t connect those simple dots. So I Facetimed my dad because, well, he solves everything. He explained in very simple, Anna-coherent terms how to use it and hey presto! I got it to open my tin of salmon.

I mean, know it’s totally obvious now. Like one of those weird eye puzzles that you look at for ages trying to see the horse but you can’t see it until you blur your eyes and then it’s like it never left the page. OK, weird analogy. Unfortunately this tin opener leaves a very sharp edge. You win some, you lose some.

Weird snacking: No I’m not pregnant (good Lord), but I do love these gherkins to randomly snack on.They remind me of being in America with their pickles they serve with sandwiches and burgers. It’s weird, but it’s good.

Healthy treats: I heard about this “ice cream” on social media (can’t remember where now if I’m honest). As you’re probably already aware, I’m a volume eater so buying the real stuff (i.e. Ben & Jerrys,  my one true love) would be problematic for me as it’s likely I’d eat the whole tub. At an excess of 1,000 calories for some of them, that’s a bit much for an evening treat! I have minimal self-control and being fully aware of this I will rarely buy any. I admire people who can take a scoop and enjoy it for what it is, but for me I always enjoy things in larger portions. It’s just the way I am. So anyway, Frill is not technically ice cream but it’s very similar.It’s a frozen smoothie made up of dates and fruit and cocoa powder and some other bits and bobs (but actually no nasty-looking chemically things from what I can tell). The whole tub is 350 calories and a whole lot less sugar. Considering normal ice cream portions can be around that for just two scoops, this is pretty damn good! And it’s surprisingly dense.

I won’t lie, I did indeed eat an entire tub one evening because I’m a fricking independent woman and can do what I the hell I want (in my PJs watching crappy TV. Yes, Beyonce, I’m truly living the dream). They have a green and a red version. The red is a berry flavour and the green is a green smoothie flavour, of which the mind can only boggle whether that would actually taste nice. But there we go, healthier ice cream for greedy people like me 😉

New Nike trainers: The lovely guys from MilletSports let me choose some Nike trainers and like a small child in a sweet shop (who am I kidding, like myself in a sweet shop) I scrolled through so many beautiful looking pairs before I settled on some black and white Nike Frees.Just casually taking a selfie at the gym in my new Nikes with my London Marathon finisher tee as you do 😉They’re super comfy. I mean like bouncability is a strong 10/10. Though technically speaking they are running shoes, I’m reluctant to run in them as I’m so injury-prone and particular about running trainers but for the gym and everyday life, they are PERFECT.They literally fit like a glove. Ahh I do love Nikes.

PureGym antics: I love my gym. I truly do. It’s super close (8 minutes drive), open 24/7, huge with lots of machines and equipment (four squat racks!) and very cheap. The clientele never cease to amaze me as well. You do get some funny characters, especially at 5.30am. The guy in the photo below was doing some crazy things on the pull-up bar that just blew my mind. He’d “superset” his acrobatics with dumbbell curls. As you do.It was amusing to watch I must say. Never a dull day.

London Marathon: I love all the stats they give you. A plethora of facts and figures to geek out over. This one was my most proud:I held out strong on the final stretch it seems! 🙂 Weirdly I was actually passed and was overtaken for the first 35k the exact same number. Not sure how that works!

What’s a weird food you like to snack on?

What’s your favourite brand?

What’s your take on healthier treats?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent the Nike trainers by MilletSports for free in exchange for a mention on my blog. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

13 Replies to “Currently – April”

  1. Love the trainers! (And the leggings!)
    I have one of those tin openers and apart from the sharp edges and the fact it rips paper from around the edge of the tin it’s the only tin opener I’ve ever been able to get on with (I must have had like 4!)!!
    Now sofa + pjs + ice cream sounds like my perfect evening in too…I might have to try and find some of that ice cream somewhere!!! There is another brand which is healthier too but I can’t remember off the top of my head what it’s called!

  2. That’s awesome that you are on the app! I had a similar issue with one of those tin openers and had to message a sensible friend to ask for instructions. Thankfully all the cans in Dubai have ring pulls! I like snacking on pickles too – I always order a side of them at a burger place, much to the disgust of most of my dining companions!
    lilylipstick recently posted…Baking: Blueberry Yoghurt Loaf with KenwoodMy Profile

  3. OMG that’s awesome that you are on the app! And what a great photo of you as well. I’d totally blow that shot up and hang it in your house. It’s incredible!!
    As for gym antics – oh girllll have I seen some things! That being said, I do some weird stuff too 😉
    kat recently posted…Gluten-Free Cinco De Mayo RecipesMy Profile

  4. Nice work on the end of the marathon! Super strong finish!
    I love gherkins too, although I don’t think I would have one by itself for a snack- I have one with my dinner though.
    The ice cream sounds like a good idea- like a nakd bar in ice cream form. I always like the idea of ice cream more than the actual event- if we are on holiday we’ll share a cup, but at home I like a cup of tea, and I hate having tea and ice cream close together (I imagine the tea melting the ice cream in my stomach, which I know makes no sense scientifically as it melts in my mouth anyway). So every now and then I’ll get some and we will share a bit, but usually it gets freezer burn before we finish it.
    Those shoes look fab (as do those leggings).
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…My “old favourite” trainers, and trying to find a replacementMy Profile

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