A little slice of a great weekend

Ahhh what an amazing weekend! I love weekends where you know the memories will last forever Smile I’ll have to split it into two because honestly this will be a beast of a post otherwise!!

Starting off on Friday, I enjoyed a ‘lovely’ hot and sweaty 10 mile run in the morning. I was so pleased with how this went as it was niggle free! I literally felt normal running; no discomfort, no slight twinges…perfect. The only thing hard about it was the heat. I can live with that! I even randomly decided to make the second to last mile a speedy one. I just felt the urge!


Then I ate a nice big bowl of oatmeal, showered and set out on my bike for a very leisurely 7 mile cycle to a local coffee shop/garden centre/farm shop to meet up with my mum, sister and little niece, Megan for a lovely coffee.


How cool do I look? I am rocking that helmet! Winking smile

We nattered and caught up and I even got to hold Megan for a little bit.


That, my friends, is the look of sheer panic. I’m not very good with babies or small children…or children in general. Megan is absolutely adorable…but I’m just terrified of doing something wrong. She did fall asleep on me which was lovely.

Anyway we moseyed about and I bought some more kangaroo burgers and also some wild board burgers. Love trying new food!

There were loads of baking, cooking and crockery bits and pieces in the shop and I couldn’t help but take a photo of this cool tea pot.


So true

Then we parted ways and I cycled back a slightly extended route to avoid all the hills I coasted down on the way there. In the end it was a 16.9mile cycle in total! I tell you what, I was pooped.

My lovely sister drove round a bit later and dropped the burgers off (as I had no proper bag on my bike) and she also had made an AMAZING red velvet cake for Ben and me….maybe because I’d pestered her obsessively for ages as she’s strangely got really into baking lately.

Red velvet

Unfortunately I had to wait until Ben got home from work until I could slice and dice that baby. It was tough. A real stretch of willpower I assure you. I can now report though that it was delicious. I’m not even embarrassed to say I went back for seconds.

The next morning, Saturday, we got up early and caught the train to London to meet up with my university friends for a little social gathering.

London Tube

I love seeing my friends but I’m really not a big fan of London. I find catching trains and tubes really stressful so I was glad Ben was there with me. We even had to buy and work the Oyster card machine. Hard times.

After meeting up with them all and catching up we headed to a lovely quirky pub for a drink and food.

London pub

The pub was really vintagey with bunting hanging from the ceiling and random old chairs and ornaments everywhere. It was cool! And the food was pretty darn tasty.

London pub food

I had chicken with roasted vegetables, couscous and a sour cream dressing. And for pudding? Well, let me just tell you. It was immense. It was a tough decision because there was a semi-freddo honeycomb dessert with ore cookie crumble. I was tide. I had a lengthy discussion with the waiter and in the end deciding on the dark chocolate tart with clotted cream ice cream. What pushed me over? He said the tart was bigger. Haha. What am I like??

Then we chilled out on the grass in a lovely park and just enjoyed each other’s company and the sunshine.


There did end up a massive grass fight as there was all this dried hay-like grass around where we were sat. Luckily I avoided being targeted!


I’m sure there was a lot of grass in unwanted places by the end!! Haha.

Then after another drink in a pub, a few of my friends headed back to their respective train stations to head home. Ben and me were staying over at the flat of one of my friends and her partner as we were off to Stratford the next day for the Olympic Stadium 5 mile race.

We enjoyed a nice easy pizza, watched some Friends, ate some home-made cheesecake (hey, it’s carbo loading!) and went to bed at a reasonable time as we were up early the next morning. More on that in my next post Smile

Such a good weekend – and it’s not even finished yet!

What did you get up to this weekend?

What do you prefer: pubs/bars or cafes/coffee shops? I much prefer cafes or coffee shops as I’m not a big drinker. I like to have a nice cup of coffee of fragrant tea and maybe a sneaky slice of cake. But a pub is nice too when it’s hot and you can sit outside with a nice cold Coke!

Are you a baby person? Or a mum/dad already? I know I want to have a baby at some point but I am so clueless with kids that it really scares me!

What’s your perfect pre-race meal? I like a good pizza with not too much cheese as I find the cheese sits heavy on my tummy.

18 Replies to “A little slice of a great weekend”

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, I’m looking forward to reading about the race. Mine was nice too – some BBQ and gardening action – but today I saw the doctor and have an injury that I have to rest…feeling antsy about it already! Got any tips?

    1. Ahh BBQs are like my favourite thing. So good. Ahhh you’re injured?? That sucks! I would say keep active but in ways that don’t affec or make worse your injury. It just keeps you sane I find and you’re still keeping moving and active. Even if it’s just walking. Everything helps! But also be sensible and really listen to your body. I’m really bad at this but I’ve had to be really firm with myself recently. It’s best to have a rest for a week or two (or more if necessary!) and then come back stronger then keep doing stuff and not healing.

  2. I can only imagine how stressful it must be catching the trains. I get frustrated enough just driving around in the city however I am on my own time. If I had to take pubic transportation I’d be constantly worried about missing mine!

    Great picture of you and Ben. I really like your shirt and sunglasses.

    I helped out in the nursery at church a lot in middle school and high school so I’m much more comfortable with handling babies. That said, the max time I had to take care of one was 2 or 3 hours. Stick me with a baby overnight and I’d be terrified. Lol.

    1. I just constantly worry I’m on the wrong train or tube. Everyone seems to know where they’re going but me! Driving in cities sucks as well, I don’t envy you that!
      Goodness, looking after a baby overnight would be scary!!

  3. Looking forward to your recap 🙂
    I prefer a tea room as I love tea with a bit of cake, especially if there is a garden you can sit outside in.
    I like children (as a teacher, I suppose I have to!)- but I can’t imagine having one of my own- I am not a “baby” person at all- I will hold friends babies for a bit but I am not one of those people shoving others out of the way to hold the baby etc!

    1. Yes! Definitely, sitting in a lovely garden in nice weather (obviously) with a slice of cake and tea is like heaven to me.
      Haha yes I know a couple of people who are baby mad. I also sat in front of three girls on the train to London at the weekend and I’m not joking when I say the ENTIRE journey (1hour10mins) they talked about pregnancy, babies and children. They were around my age as well. I wanted to jump off the train after 20 minutes.

  4. Love the pic of you and Megan! I coo over babies and make a fuss over them, I just don’t like to hold them. Babies definitely pick up on peoples moods, and so they can tell I’m a little unsure and terrified of hurting them somehow or doing something wrong and messing up ALL of their development haha.

  5. Love that pic of you with the baby! That pub looks lovely too, I do prefer coffee shops and cafes as well though 🙂

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