Yet another injury update (all good though!)

And breathe, it’s almost the weekend! Well, sort of I suppose.

I had my physio appointment Wednesday lunchtime, which went well. Beforehand she told me to bring my trainers so she could have a look. Like reading tea leaves, she examined the bottoms and put them on the table and randomly (to me) touched them all over. What she was doing, she explained, is seeing where my trainers are more inclined to move when nudged which indicates where my feet are falling.

I know that my feet roll inwards when I run, so I have special insoles to inhibit this. But it turns out my left foot just keeps trying regardless. This means my whole body is leaning to the right when I run. Which explains the tightness I’ve been getting in my right leg and my knee issue. This was probably exaggerated during the Great South Run when the wind pushed against my left side (especially on the last two miles along the front), which sparked the knee pain with the added pressure.

How crazy is that? Bodies are so complex.

She’s getting me a tiny wedge to put into my left shoe to help stop the lean. She worked on my dud leg with massage, movements and ultra sound. I’m to see her again next week for more of the same. Apparently it’s looking much better, and it does feel it. Though it’s definitely weaker than the other.

No running or spinning for now though. Ho hum.

This week I’ve been getting out of bed at the RIDICULOUS time of 5.30am to get to the gym as early as I can. I’m still using the recumbent bike and/or rower. To keep myself motivated I’m doing 1 minute tempo speed, 30 seconds sprint, then 1-2mins easy. Over. And over. I listen to podcasts to keep myself from DYING OF BOREDOM and then for the last 10 minutes I put some energetic music on and do some crazy sprinting. It works for me!

I aim for 50-60mins of cardio. It’s crazy that I literally watch the clock.



Whereas when I run I just run. Of course I look at my paces but I never think “OK just 5 more minutes”. I might think “do another mile” but that’s it. Never the relentless ticking down of seconds.

I will never, ever underappreciate running outside again.

On the slightly more interesting side of things my lovely husband brought back some unbelievably moreish treats for me from the German Christmas markets when he was over there last week ‘working’.

German Christmas market treatsAppalling photo sorry

Apple chips and a gingerbread biscuit saying “Ich liebe dich” which means “I love you”. What a sweetie. Obviously the quickest way to my heart are apples and he knows me well πŸ˜‰ Those bad boys are scarily moreish though and this is dangerous considering how many apples I eat normally anyway.

Just reminds me of fun times I had when I visited Berlin around Christmas and my friends and me enjoyed some amazing Christmas market time. Hopefully we’ll recreate that on our impending Bath trip the weekend after next. Although I imagine it will be heaving.

What Christmas markets have you been to? What was your favourite thing there? Mine was all the food (by that I mean sweets).

Have you ever been to Germany? I love Berlin. Such a friendly lovely city.

What are your tips for staying motivated on a gym machine? I do enjoy a bit of people watching as well πŸ˜‰

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  1. Shame you don’t live closer and then I’d have someone to chat to at the gym as I’m up crazy early to fit it in at the minute as well and my gym is dead in the early morning! It’s funny about you twisting your foot inwards, because I am the exact opposite and the physio said I do everything in my power NOT to let my foot roll in, so I have too much pressure on the outside of my foot instead! I love that our trainers can say so much about our running styles. If only I knew how to read them!
    I could people watch for hours. I headed to the gym after work last night for a change and it was filled with teenage girls – VERY interesting conversations were taking place! Haha!

  2. Cardio is so not on the top of my list of favorite workouts, which is why I try to stay OFF machines. I like to just do body work circuits or box/jump rope. Anything that keeps me focused and doesn’t allow my mind to wonder and get bored!! If I do use the treadmill or bike, I get on youtube and watch videos of stuff to keep me entertained lol

  3. Good news!

    My favorite thing at Christmas markets is the smell. There almost always seems to be some roasted nuts with the sweet cinnamony aroma, or some type of cookie fresh out of the oven being all wonderful πŸ™‚

  4. 1. Apple chips are my jam… freaking delicious!!
    2. Ben and I are just starting to talk about a trip to Europe and he asked me if I would want to go to Berlin.
    3. I HAVE to mix up my pace and overall goal for my workout on any machine- treadmills, spin bikes, elliptical etc. It helps me to stay focused and feel challenged.

  5. That IS good news!

    I had a very similar thing happen to me a few years ago, and it’s still a condition I’m dealing with. My feet (ankles, too) collapse inward when I run and walk, which puts so much stress on my knees. My physical therapist gave me custom insoles with the same kind of wedge you’re talking about! I will say that if your condition is like mine (and it sounds like it is), you’ll be amazed at how much those wedges help. πŸ™‚

    I think listening to podcasts is definitely helpful when on a machine at the gym. I also (being a musical person) like to pedal or step in time with whatever music I’m listening to. It’s silly and sounds kind of weird, but it helps the time pass for me! πŸ™‚

    1. I’m really hoping it will sort the issue out for future. Isn’t it strange how small something can be to affect something like your knees??
      I agree with you about the music – if I’m struggling I whack on some tunes and it can really inspire me to continue.

  6. Good news from the physio πŸ™‚
    Ah, the gym- so boring I agree! I am not sure I could manage 50 mins, I think about 30 would be my limit!
    We went to Cologne last weekend which was amazing- it had 7 Christmas markets and we managed to go to 4, then stopped in Brussels on the way home. Last year we went to Bruges which was fab but I didn’t see anything I would buy at the markets, whereas Cologne was fantastic and there were so many lovely gifts and things. And of course all the lovely food.

  7. Wow, she could tell all that just form pushing your shoes?! Mad (but very clever and cool!). Hope the wedge works, and I’m glad to hear things are feeling better. I can totally empathise with the boredom of training indoors – seconds on the turbo trainer feel like HOURS!

  8. This sounds positive! Glad you are getting some answers. Never been to a Christmas market, would love to go at some point though! I love Berlin, such an awesome city, cannot wait to go for the marathon next year! I don’t like doing cardio in the gym, I just do core work and strength training which I find far more enjoyable. If I do do any cardio there, it’s usually cross training or bike and it’s more of an active recovery so I usually read my kindle or a magazine.

  9. I suppose the good thing is you can still exercise, I know this feeling I’ve been where you are and it can suck but over time its worth it!

    I desperately wanna go to a German market my friend lives in Berlin but I have not yet got there in December, gotta change this!

  10. Love Christmas markets πŸ™‚
    As for gym time, I haven’t been to my gym for oh so long but I used to collect magazines and papers I didn’t have a chance to read at the time and read them on the cross trainer. I don’t know if you can do that easily with the rower though!

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