Whoops, I disappeared for a bit…

Woah, where have I been?? It was never my intention to take such a long break from blogging over the Christmas holiday. After Ben’s marathon (he survived! – more on that in another post) it just seemed Christmas crept up and I enjoyed taking the break from the blogging world to just be lazy and enjoy the family and festive time.

Then after Boxing Day both Ben and me were struck down by the plague…or at least some horrible virus. It was awful. The first day we were really sick. I spent the entire day in bed just sleeping or reading. Food was just not happening. The next few days we gradually improved. Lots of watching films under blankets all day. We watched so many films (Django Unchained, Shawshank Redemption, The Hobbit, Now You See Me, Despicable Me 2, all three old Star Wars). In a weird way it was quite nice. But food was a real issue. Food made me so full so I’d have one or one and a half meals a day – which is just unheard of for me! Lots of leftovers from Christmas had to be thrown 🙁

Then my laptop stopped working. To me it was just fate saying I needed some time away. And it’s done me good as I’m now feeling all fresh and ready to jump back into things!

Also I unintentionally took the Christmas/New Year period off of the gym. After standing around watching the marathon in the cold my knee felt really niggly – like it had regressed a bit. I went to the physio and she said it was inflamed a little probably from me bouncing a lot to keep warm while standing around waiting for Ben – it was such a long, cold day. So the time off from the gym was probably quite good. I did lots of walks though with Alfie to keep me sane.

Just before Christmas I felt very low. The whole knee and not running thing was wearing my spirits down. And the run up to Ben’s marathon, as excited as I was for him, was just a big reminder that I wasn’t doing one. 2013 was ending in a way I hadn’t imagined. December was feeling like a pretty rubbish month. I also (naively?) thought that I’d be ‘fixed’ by now.

My physio is my absolute saviour. Starting next week she is going to get me in for 10 minute ultrasound sessions three times a week to really go to town on my knee and heal it – without charge! She’s just down the corridor from my office so it’s very easy to pop down. She definitely understands my despair and is going above and beyond to help me. I can’t praise her enough.

Anyway, stay tuned as I have a (late – sorry) recap post of my Christmas and also some updates on my personal training sessions which have been on my to-do list and my goals for 2014.

How were your holidays?

How do you cope with being ill? I always seem to get ill over Christmas. I’m so annoyed because I had a flu jab to stop this! But it was more of a sickness/stomach thing than a flu thing *sighs*

What films did you watch over Christmas? I love watching a good movie. With lots of snacks!

14 Replies to “Whoops, I disappeared for a bit…”

  1. Welcome back! Sorry your Christmas was so rubbish. What a shame you missed out on all the Christmas food. At least you had Ben to keep you company while you were ill. You’ll have to celebrate Christmas again when you’re both fully recovered!
    When I first started teaching I would be guaranteed to get ill every school holiday. Your body is so used to coping with everyday stresses and busyness that when you give it a break it gives up on you. Rubbish!

    Your physio sounds amazing by the way!

    1. Thankfully I enjoyed Christmas day – it was my lovely father who brought the illness over on that day as he was feeling very ill. What a lovely Christmas present!
      Yep it always seems to be that way doesn’t it? You relax, you get ill…

  2. happy New Year!

    I’ve been ill too, still am and I like to nurse my illness with movies and a sofa too! I also watched Django so good!

    Hope you get back to your running soon!!

  3. Welcome back Anna and lovely to see you on here 🙂
    I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather, rest can only be good. I haven’t worked out over the entire festive period (or yet.. eek!) and I definitely feel good for the break.
    Great news on the ultrasound, I truly help it sorts out your knee super soon. Congrats to Ben for his marathon triumph (I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m offering mine to you soon too!)

    1. Being ill really is rubbish but one good thing is that you don’t feel bad about lazing around the house in PJs. I always feel guilty if I do too much of that over the holidays!

  4. So many great movies!! I’m glad you guys are feeling better. I took a lot of time off around the holidays to just relax, take naps, read my book, and watch movies too. It was SO wonderful but it sure makes it hard to get back into my routine! I hope your knee heals quickly!!

  5. Oh no, sorry to hear you were poorly, I was wondering where you were so glad that you are now ok, although I think it’s nice to take a blogging break sometimes. I hate being ill, but lying under the duvet and watching movies makes it a bit better at least 🙂 Hope that ultrasound gets your knee sorted fast!

    1. Thanks Laura. It does suck to be ill but it was a nice excuse to just be super lazy and do nothing. Ben loved it! Normally I nag him to go for a walk with me or something haha.

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