Weedy arms, weekend highlights and some escapism

I was able to work at home on Friday which is always good and bad. Bad because it’s fairly boring and I tend to work a lot later. I also always feel guilty if I do things that aren’t associated with my work…like putting washing on or walking Alfie. Good because I didn’t have to get up at 5am to hit the gym.

To be honest, I actually don’t mind getting up at 5am anymore as long as I get a decent night’s sleep. A downside though is that the night before I feel my evening can be cut short as I need to get to bed early.

Anyway, I was able to go to the gym for 7am which was awesome. I did some deadlifts, hip thrusts, assisted chin-ups, lateral pull-downs and some glute work.

Assisted chin up machine

Assisted chin-up/pull-up machine

On a quick side note, since I don’t do any cardio (apart from warming-up on the rowing machine) I never dread the gym. I genuinely love what I’m doing at the moment. If I was to force myself on to the elliptical machine I would hate it. And on another side note, hip thrusts are probably the most awkward exercise I’ve ever done. Awkward as in, DO NOT make eye contact with anyone when you’re doing them. But they are great for the glutes!

As I drove back from the gym in my merry, happy little world I didn’t notice the rock on the road (or giant stone, if you will) and my tyre went straight over it. Immediately I knew something was wrong. I could hear and feel the road, it was awful. Bugger. In standard Anna procedure, I rang my dad (hands-free). He told me to pull over. I told him I was wearing shorts and it was raining. He said try and make it home safely then. Thankfully I was minutes from home. Yep, flat tyre.

Luckily I was able to book someone to come over the next morning to sort it (for £80!). This meant no volunteering at parkrun. Though, to be quite honest, the state of the dreadful weather the next morning did not make me miss it. It was quite nice to be away from the running scene as well. Having to repeat myself with what’s wrong each week is tough going mentally. I appreciate everyone being so caring and sympathetic but it’s hard going when I’m left at the sidelines watching everyone run.

It also meant I got an awesome lie-in and a late morning gym session. I could take as long as I wanted with no rush to get back. As I had my physio appointment on Sunday it worked out a lot better this way – and it meant another great lie-in.


Standing barbell military press

It’s crazy how weak my upper body is in comparison to my legs. With deadlifts and leg presses I can go really heavy (for me, anyway) but when it comes to my arms…Jesus it is embarrassing. My little weedy arms were shaking trying to get in my final rep. Hey ho, it’s something to focus and work on. I’d love to be able to do an unassisted pull-up at some point. I can also carry on with this when I go back to running because it won’t really affect my training. For my legs I’ll need to be careful though.

[Yes, I take photos of myself at the gym. I’m a blogger, so shoot me 😉 Also, when there aren’t any mirrors it’s a great way to check your form out by using the camera function as a mini mirror. You just need somewhere good to prop your phone on.]

On Sunday I saw my physio. I’ll talk more in another post about the outcome (can’t you just wait! Another injury update – aren’t you guys lucky! <– insert sarcasm) but things aren’t all doom and gloom. If anyone needs a good sports physio in Southampton, I’m happy to pass on his details as he’s great. I’ve used him for over two years and he really knows me and my previous running history. I’m very lucky that I have a great physio and a great sports massage therapist who know just how neurotic I am…

From the physio appointment I had to make a mad dash to the cinema to met my parents to finally see Spectre. I was supposed to go a few weeks ago but it never happened as it was sold out. I had free tickets I could only use in person and I got there too late because of my stupid commute. So anyway this time we just paid the full price without risking it (though it hurt my soul knowing I still had free tickets…).

I really enjoyed Spectre. I’m not a huge Bond fan but I do prefer the Daniel Craig versions (what a God!). It was silly and ridiculous and there was a lot of posing and pouting but it worked for me and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Have you ever had car issues?

Who’s your go-to person when something goes wrong?

What’s the weakest part of your body? What do you enjoy to train the most?

10 Replies to “Weedy arms, weekend highlights and some escapism”

  1. Flat tyres are such a pain in the bum. Touch wood, I’m quite lucky with things like flat tyres, and only tend to get them when someone has slashed them (delightful! Not a problem I have had since moving).

    My weakest body parts are probably my ankles. I have poor ankle stability and always seem to turn or roll it. Not fun.
    Steph recently posted…Murder on the Moors in SimonsbathMy Profile

  2. Hahahaha, ‘little weedy arms.’ I’ve never heard anything so funny in my life. Even if you don’t think you can lift much, you have so much muscle on your arms. I bet you’re lifting more than you think – half the people who post big numbers on their lifts have horrific form, whereas from everything you’ve posted you are doing everything correctly. Big difference.

    Ugh, my weakest muscles are my biceps. Or non-biceps. My bicep weight in Body Pump is absolutely pathetic, whereas I’m quite pleased with the rest of the weights I lift. I could do better in the back track if my wrists were stronger, but I am happy with my weights for lunges and shoulders in particular. I would really like a proper chest split, so I’m trying to up my chest weight as well (basically it’s all bench press with some pushups thrown in).
    Jess recently posted…Marathon MeditationMy Profile

    1. Bench presses are absolutely the way to go for increasing chest strength. All the flies and ‘accessory’ type exercises are just additional bits and pieces that don’t really contribute to the overall strength. I just find bench presses so hard – and I’m always cautious to go up in too many weights as I don’t have a spotter.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #23My Profile

  3. I dread things like car trouble- I panic whenever warning lights come on (which usually mean I need to get some oil), or when a headlight is out or something. At least you were close to home so it wasn’t too bad.
    Your arms and back look very strong from your photos! You have to have muscles to pull off that style of top 🙂 Very impressive, and glad that you are enjoying the gym too.
    My arms are super weak- I am OK with biceps and chest but the triceps and shoulders track at body pump are my worst! Have not been for ages due to work either- going this week and it’s going to be a tough one!
    Glad you enjoyed Spectre- I did enjoy it too (I saw your comment)- I just think all the reviews I heard were raving, and actually although it was OK (7/10 ish), a bit of entertainment of an evening, it just wasn’t anything brilliant. Did you see The Martian? I think you did. Anyway, something like that was so much more gripping. Andy had the book but I didn’t want to be half way through when we saw it, so I started reading it after we saw it, and only just finished it last night and loved the book too.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Sherwood Pines 10K recap, mud, medal and a missed mile.My Profile

    1. I heard a review for Spectre on Empire (a great podcast but a lot more joky than Kermode…and they talk a lot about movie news and upcoming films). They weren’t blown away either. Everyone says Casino Royale is the best Craig Bond but I can’t really remember it so need to re-watch I think. I also think that’s the one with the actor from Hannible in which is always a bonus!
      I’m keen to read the book but I’m worried that lots of people have said it’s very technical. I need to get myself in the mood to read it I think!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #23My Profile

    1. Oh I know EXACTLY what you mean about the step ups. I’ve avoided those (convincing myself it won’t be good for my injury…though saying that my injury has all but gone so it’s just an excuse now). I detest them. Shoulders I quite enjoy – I like the standing military press! Though my weight is ridiculous low. I hate doing chest as I just feel pathetic and I’m terrified of dropping the barbell on myself when I’m lying down!

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