Trying to keep up

On Friday my work, Wiggle, had another ‘sports day’. They happen on the last Friday of every month at 2.30pm, with several options you can get involved in.

There were two different bike rides, tennis, swimming and two different runs. There was a “slower” 5k and a 15k. The 15k didn’t mention speed but I didn’t think it would be that fast. I saw who was signed up for it and there was a girl doing it who was a little bit slower than me so I felt comfortable.IMG_0151I decided to wear a suitably sporty outfit to work to embrace the day (plus, leggings are just SO comfortable and honestly I’d wear them every day if I could… well, I probably could at Wiggle but I need to maintain some level of smartness in life I think! Plus I really don’t need to give myself an excuse to buy any more leggings).

Before 2.30pm I swapped my leggings for shorts and got myself ready for the run. I met the others downstairs in the lobby and realised the group was actually made up of entirely speedy people. The girl who I’d spotted on the list had decided not to run at the last minute. I mean, I didn’t know for a fact that these guys were speedy but you know when you can just tell? There was also the 2.39 marathoner girl as well. I MEAN SERIOUSLY.I nervously said, “I think I might be in the wrong group here…” but they all politely assured my I’d be fine and they wouldn’t go too fast. Hmmm.

Well, as soon as we started running it was clear their concept of fast were quite different to my concept of fast. As we about to do around nine miles I decided to just keep at the pace I was comfortable with and not feel pressured to run faster. I was running 8min/miles and they were already stretching ahead of me. I resolutely stuck to my guns. If they wanted to leave me behind then fine, but I wasn’t going to risk injury or exhaustion trying to keep up with them.

It did make me a little sad though. I had so much enjoyed the last Wiggle run… it was fun and social and there were no egos or speed dictatorship involved. It was the first time since joining Wiggle where I felt left out and not good enough (entirely in my head I know but still a feeling I felt).

After a mile they waited for me to catch up. I said to them did they think it was better if I just went back and did the 5k instead? But again they assured me it was fine. They slowed down a little and I managed to keep in the group. Though they were chatting away and I was just focusing on keeping up. Again, not an overwhelmingly fun experience.

The route was nice. We went along Farlington Marshes (which is where I got the idea to go walking there on Sunday). It was flat, not too windy and soft underfoot so at least there was that.

There were only five of us and as we settled into the second mile one of the guys started slowing down and drifting behind us. In the end for most of the run he was far behind and we’d wait until he caught up at sporadic moments. I felt mean leaving him and a little angry that as a group we weren’t adjusting our speed to keep as a group.

Right at the end the two faster runners dashed off for a final sprinty mile and I ran to the end with one of the other guys who, despite being naturally fast, was starting to feel the miles. We’d completely left behind two other guys and they ended up going the long way round, unsure of the route. To be honest, it didn’t scream of comradeship or team building but there we go. I’ll know for next time when I see who’s signed up to what!9 milesIn the end it was a solid run in terms of the speed and distance – a good tempo run. But enjoyment factor? Minimal. Constantly feeling like I’m not fast enough or worried about people behind me being left behind isn’t my idea of fun.

Wiggle had also arranged for a pop-up bar with a tent serving sausages as well (with a guy dressed in lederhosen…). The 5k’ers were back so I chatted to them for a bit while enjoying many glasses of Diet Coke. It was so warm and sunny. Ahh here was the fun part – no more egos or feeling left out. Instantly I felt miles better.I know this sounds so corny, but I’ve made friends with a nice group of people at work and I don’t feel like the newbie or outsider anymore (like you do at the beginning). Everyone is around my age or a bit younger so it feels very natural and easy (unlike the run perhaps…).Anyway, onto a review! A few weeks ago I was sent a Sonic Chic Deluxe toothbrush. Now, I used to own an electric toothbrush but…eh… I kind of gave up on it. To be honest, it annoyed me having to charge it with a great stonking cable and unit in my bathroom and it seemed a faff. Yes, yes I know electric toothbrushes are better for you tooth and blah blah…

Anyway, this toothbrush is charged using a USB – which is quite dinky and cute. No long cables or annoyingness. It’s actually a very slimline and attractive toothbrush (is that weird? It’s very travel-easy is what I mean). It’s slimline and has a nice case to it to fit easily into a wash bag.

Despite it’s size, it’s really quite powerful. The vibrations of the bristles are quite intense (32,000 strokes a minute)! And I really like how after 30 seconds it pulses so you know to change the quadrant of your mouth. And the brush head is quite small so it can get to the nooks and crannies of your mouth – like behind your bottom teeth (always a problem area for me my dentist tells me). It also contains a replacement brush. Remember to change those brush heads fairly regularly!You do have to physically move the brush though yourself – if that makes sense? A regular electric toothbrush you might just need to guide it along your teeth as it’s head spins and circles, but for this one you gently do the circular actions as the head only does the sonic vibrations rather than any actual movements. It also doesn’t come with a plug, just the USB connector. I really like it. It’s marketed as a travel toothbrush but it’s now my regular one. The battery is also really good. You get a substantial number of uses before needing to charge it (maybe once per week?). My mouth definitely felt SO much cleaner after using this, fully recommend! You can buy from Boots for £19.99.

Do you use an electric toothbrush?

Do you have friends at work?

**Dull Disclaimer: I was sent the toothbrush for free in exchange for a review on my blog. All opinions are my own honest ones.**

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  1. I love that your office has a sports day! It sounds like your colleagues are a seriously sporty bunch!
    I’ve really struggled to make friends at work in my current job, eight months in and I only just feel like I’m making connections which is a little frustrating, especially in a new country. I think it’s so important to work with people who you can talk about things other than work with. x

  2. The sports day is such a great idea, although if you struggle to keep up then they must be crazily fast- that’s a shame that the run wasn’t so enjoyable. That side of things was why I put off joining a running club for so long as I felt like it would be full of super speedy runners and I didn’t want to feel pressure to keep up, or feel bad for slowing people down- if only I’d known!
    I had an electric toothbrush, but like you say, charging it was a faff, and then getting replacement brushes was annoying, so I don’t even know where it is now. I know I should use it…
    It’s great that you are getting to know people at work too- I find this tricky now as I have made good friends in the past (most of them have moved to other schools now), but then I moved into a management position, so there are conversations where we have to have as professionals and not friends, which can affect things a bit. I do get on with people at work though- we chat about our lives and have a laugh together, and do some social things so it’s a good balance I think.
    Maria @ Maria runs recently posted…Fun and not so fun half term jobs (and another dog incident)My Profile

    1. Yes this is so true. My dad, who’s quite a high up manager, always says he wishes he could be more pally with work people but then it would undermine some of his authority. It’s tough!

  3. Well done for sticking with it! I’ve been on group runs like that where I feel it is impossible to keep up the pace. I would have felt like I was really pushing myself with an 8-9min mile pace so definitely would have felt left behind with those speedy people, it can be such a miserable experience to see everyone speeding off ahead.

  4. I’m sorry to hear about the run, however I’m glad the group really did try their best to wait for you! They could’ve been total jerks and ignored you completely, so I’m glad you guys all stuck together even if it was a bit quicker than you were expecting!
    kat recently posted…Vegan Caramel Apple CrispMy Profile

  5. I know this was a big career move for you and I’m so glad it’s working out not only professionally, but also socially. I think it’s so important to have friends at work who you enjoy being with. The culture is spot-on for you!

  6. Such a shame that you didn’t enjoy your work run. 🙁 It’s a great idea, but only if it includes everybody! Well done for sticking to your guns. It’s so difficult to not get drawn into the run when you’re running with others who are faster than you.
    Wiggle does sound like a fun place to work though. I haven’t worked in a proper office environment in a long time. Teaching is a bit different as everyone ends up working through breaks and lunches with detentions and catch up clubs, so you never really see very many other people. I did miss working ‘with’ other adults the last couple of years.
    Mary recently posted…The EnduranceLife Gower Marathon (Pt 1)My Profile

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