Sushi and Watercress

Hi guys! Hope you had a great weekend and, if you were celebrating Father’s Day, I hope you spoilt your old man rotten. I just want to preface this as well by apologising for being so moany in the past few posts about not being able to run. I realise how melodramatic I’m being.

Ben and I took my dad out for dinner on Friday night. We went for sushi. I haven’t had it in so long. I was quite impressed that both my dad and Ben were happy to go for sushi. My dad’s comment “as long as there’s noodles I’m fine” did make me chuckle.


Two fine looking gentleman if I do say so myself

We left my mum at home as this was purely to treat my dad (if you remember, for Mother’s Day we just took our mums out). I guess that sounds strange but sometimes it’s nice just to fully spoil one parent (unfortunately Ben’s dad lives in Essex so we couldn’t treat him as well). Obviously this meant a lot of Xbox and PlayStation talk and the inevitable football discussions. Fun for me…

We went for the ‘all you can eat’ buffet of sushi, noodles and rice dishes. Honestly I was in heaven. So we began with a few bits and pieces…


Spring rolls (for Ben), chicken pieces (for my dad) and BBQ ribs (for me)

And we had miso soup as well. Maybe it’s just me but I could eat/drink miso soup all day long.


And then came the main…which was never ending.


So much food, so little stomach space. My dad, predictably, ordered his noodles and thoroughly enjoyed them. Ben, surprisingly, partook in some sushi with me. Even salmon sashimi!

Needless to say Anna + buffet = stuffed


Aren’t I catch? Winking smile

And my dad had a great time. On a slightly mushy note, my dad is brilliant. He has a great sense of humour (sometimes embarrassingly so, especially when we’re in the office) and a big heart. He might kill me for saying this, but seriously he gets teary eyed at the funniest things…X-Factor, sad adverts…And besides from Ben, he’s my number one supporter in running. Come rain or sun, he’ll be there cheering me on and being the biggest ‘soccer mom’ in the world. He’ll listen to me drone on about races and running gear and genuinely seems interested. Big pluses in my book Winking smile

Saturday I went to support Ben doing his Parkrun. Sensibly I was sitting this one out. I decided to volunteer instead of run it and so I got to look all official and see how it is ‘from the other side’.IMG_4516

I felt very important with my high-vis top and clipboard

I got to stand and cheer as Ben zoomed past.


I called out to him to smile at the camera and he did a brief smile which I caught and then glared at me. Oops Winking smile

I cheered on everyone who ran past (5 times as it was 5 laps) and I started running out of things to say… “Well done!”, “Keep going!”, “Good job!”, “Dig deep!”…and my hands started hurting from clapping so much. People kept smiling at me so I think it helped!

So I’ve been icing and stretching my leg like it’s been going out of fashion in the hopes I could run on the Sunday 10k race we’d signed up to ages ago (yes, yes I know another one).


Always a big fan of frozen veg!

I was fully prepared to drop out if in the morning there was any pain when I did I tester run up the road and back….

And there was no pain! Woohoo, so I got to run it!

It was in a lovely little town with a load of watercress farms all around it. It was a 5km run out and then 5km run back on the same route.IMG_0505

I felt very nervous because of my leg. I don’t believe it’s 100% back to normal as I could still feel a bit of discomfort so I took this race easy. I ran with Ben and it was great as I’ve never ran a proper race with him before. It was tempting to run off but I was sensible and just enjoyed a nice, scenic run. Up several nasty hills!


It was really nice to run a race with no pressures and just enjoy it – hell, it was just nice to run again!! Though I did wonder how fast I could have done it if I was 100% Anna again…probably not very fast considering the hills!


I even managed to take some photos during the race! You can see the people on the other side of the road heading back. The guy in the lead was SUPER fast. He must have been doing around 5-6mins/mile. Very impressive.

Along with our medals, we got a free bag of local watercress! Such a great idea Smile


I was quite jealous speaking to the guys from our running club and nearby clubs who we always see at these races and how they got on. One of them runs around my speed and did make me a bit jealous to hear how he got on. But enough of that nonsense!

And on getting back I promptly did all my stretches like a trooper and then got the frozen veg out of freezer and fully numbed my leg. It ached a bit but absolutely no pain while running or afterwards. Hurrah! So I have another appointment with the physio tomorrow to ensure it’s all good and then hopefully I’ll be easing back up to my usual mileage and runs. Though this was my last 10k for a while.

Things I’ve learnt:

– Don’t think you’re invincible. You’re not. I have certainly been taking too many risks and thinking I’m above silly little things like injuries.

– Stretch. Stretch before running, stretch after running. And then stretch some more.

– Do more weight training. I don’t do enough for the amount of running I do.

– Don’t be annoyingly miserable when I get a (let’s be honest) very minor injury which stops me running just ONE WEEK.

– Don’t do consecutive races. Doing a Parkrun and 10k every weekend is a recipe for disaster.

But like I said, that was my last 10k race. I’ll be back to my usual runs now until my next race which is mid July. A month of normal running will be really good for me. My next races are more my style as well. Longer and slower. The next race is a 10 miler and then we’re doing a half marathon in August. So for now it’s all about easy, slow long runs. My favourite Smile

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything for Father’s Day?

What do you prefer: short and fast races or long and slow?

If you like sushi, what’s your favourite dish?

17 Replies to “Sushi and Watercress”

  1. Yay, I’m so pleased you’ve recovered enough to get a run in 🙂 It sounds like you did exactly the right thing in taking it a bit easier – well done!

  2. Great list of things that you have learned 🙂

    Love the picture of you after the buffet. Haha.

    And it sounds like you had a great time in both helping with a race and getting to run in one(!), even if it wasn’t full force.

  3. That ice gel is pretty good too- the same stuff as deep heat, but its cold. Anyway, I like that on muscles after a race or hard run and it really helps.
    Love the bag of watercress- what a fun end of race gift 🙂

    1. Yeah I might look into the ice gel as my frozen veg is looking a bit sad now after the amount of times I’ve taken it out of the freezer and put it back in hehe.

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