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Happy Monday! And congratulations to all you amazing people who ran in the London marathon.

I definitely felt I was crawling by Friday. I was so tired. Normally when my alarm goes off I’m bang awake. But last week’s mornings were a big struggle. On Friday night Ben and me went out for an Indian with friends for a charity evening. But by 9.30pm I was shattered and we just had to go home. I was in bed fast asleep by 10pm.

Saturday morning Ben and me were up early to help setup our local Parkrun.

Netley Abbey Parkrun setup It was a lovely morning. Crisp, sunny and clear. I had no plans for the Parkrun. Just take it as I fancy. I was stood next to Ben and some other guys from the running club at the start and as soon as we started BOOM Ben was off. I was doing 6.30ish min a mile (not for long!) so I was happy to let him go.

Ben has come on in leaps and bounds with his running (his 10k PB is only a minute off mine currently – though I haven’t run one since June ;-)) I’m so pleased for him. He’s chipped away at his Parkrun time each week which is a clear indication that his speed is really improving.

Anyway, I was happy to sit nicely at 7.10min miles and didn’t feel like I was 100% blasting it, which made me feel really happy! I ran on Thursday evening as my first post-marathon run and though it was more tiring than usual, my speed was there surprisingly. I’m very pleased but I also know to take things easy and not go crazy while I’m still recovering.

In the end I finished Parkrun with a time of 21:40 and third woman, and Ben got 22:28. Not too shabby at all!

We helped clear away, had a quick cup of tea with the guys form the club and then dashed home for breakfast, showers and housework. At lunchtime we headed to my favourite restaurant…Jamie’s Italian to have a nice lunch with my parents.

Jamies Italian PortsmouthI’m not even going to post a photo of my main because I had what I always have (Turkey Milanese). If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But my starter was something new.

IMG_6459 Vegetable crudités on ice with a delicious lemon yogurt dip.

We had a nice quiet evening where we chilled out on the sofa watching Jerry McGuire (never seen it before – bit of a classic) and then an early night.

Sunday morning we got up early to get a run in before the TV coverage of the London marathon. I went for a solo 10 miles listening to my film review podcast. It was so lovely. I just ran how I felt and though it felt more tiring than usual everything felt good. The sun was shining and I was in the comfort of knowing that if I didn’t fancy 10 miles I could run 8 or 6 or whatever really. No training plan, no pressures, no stress. Just easy, enjoyable running.


In the coming weeks I’m aiming to improve my speed, keep my long runs under 13 miles and just tick over nicely.

I got back in time to quickly jump in the shower and then watch the London marathon.

London marathon supporting 2014 I had my crib sheet next to me of the elite runners: their PBs and accolades, and my two British flags. I was ready to go. The women’s race was more exciting than the men’s I must say. I was really rooting for Tirunesh Dibaba as it was her debut and I was devastated when she dropped her water bottle. A nice tense finish though for the Kiplagats at the end.

I think we all knew Mo Farah wouldn’t win the marathon but I did think he’d break the British record. Sadly I think he made some mistakes (not being in the front group at the start for example). BUT that being said, he did amazingly for his debut. The commentator really needed a slap for what he said (“stick to the track, Mo”). Who judges someone on one race? Jeeze give the guy a break. It was good to watch and I’m pleased for Wilson Kipsang – he just looked so comfortable the whole time.

We were also tracking a lot of different people, either from the club, friends, bloggers… everyone did fantastically. Well done! You guys made me so jealous 🙂

Anywho, the rest of the day we spent seeing my sister, brother-in-law and nieces, having a long walk with Alfie and then just relaxing. Perfect!

Did you run or watch the London marathon? I desperately want to run it now!

Did you make the most of the lovely weather (if it was lovely for you)?

If you know there’s a meal in a restaurant you love, do you stick to that or try something new? I’m so boring but at least I know I’m guaranteed a good meal.

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  1. I am going to have my own blog rant about the commentators and how they treated Mo, so I shall spare your comment box of my wrath!!!
    I loved watching it, but I must say I still do not want to do it myself- so much of the race looks like fairly boring and empty streets, and I think it seems so busy and congested too. But I still love watching it.
    After I watched it I went out on a walk for a bit, Andy sorted out the garage and then we had to go to the shops to get some dinner, so I was outside for a bit.
    If I go out I tend to stick to what I like, but not always- I have a more limited selection anyway, so some places I have to have the same thing, so I do sometimes branch out when I can.

    1. I agreed with everything you said in your blog!
      I think London is a race that you kind of need to do (if you’re really into marathons that is) because it’s so iconic and so British. But yeah I imagine there are some tough parts in it. They always say that around the docks are tough.

  2. Sounds like we had very similar Sundays 😉 And if you’re set on London, you should go for a Good For Age place! I’m not sure what the times are these days, but I think the limit used to be 3:40 – you’ll go way under that time in your next marathon for sure. Your Parkrun time illustrates that you had a LOT more speed in your legs (though obviously you were so right to be cautious and start conservatively) at Paris, and going in under Good For Age means that you won’t get stuck in the crowds at the Red Start Line. Good For Age is the Green Start Line, and while I still just about died from anxiety at how crowded it was, at least everyone was starting at around the same pace so there wasn’t too much danger of being crushed or impeded. Tripped, on the other hand, or kicked…well, I think that’s just part of the London experience 😉

    Those veggies on ice look absolutely incredible. I’m not one for restaurant food generally, but I’d love to try those!

    I was watching the women’s race with a lot more interest than the men (I always do), and the water incident just made me start yelling at the TV the way my Dad does when he’s watching the football. I was so disappointed for her – I think she went back for the bottle because it was quite a hot day, and they generally have their own special ‘mix’ of stuff in those, so she might have been too depleted to finish without it. I’m actually glad Mo didn’t do so well, because I think he’s a tad too arrogant for his own good. I love Wilson Kipsang because when you hear him interviewed he is SO quiet and humble, where as Mo…err, is just about the opposite. I agree that Kipsang never looks as though he’s even making an effort – the man is incredible! I do agree about the commentary though – I used to get so angry about it in the years when Paula Radcliffe used to run, because I was (and am) her biggest fan…and the way they’d either assume she was going to win all the time from about 5 miles in, or else call her a failure if she came anywhere except first, really annoyed me.


    1. The GFA is 3.45 so I’ve got that for London (woohoo) but I need to make sure Ben gets a place to (through the ballot) because he’d kill me if I did it without him 😉 (the reverse would also be true).
      The British press are just so horrible. Let’s beat down our athletes why don’t we! Hmmm. I am a big Mo fan I must say but I do agree the hype was ridiculous. Especially when there were so many amazing athletes there. I think Steve Way did amazingly as well considering where he’s come from (overweight and a smoker not so long ago).

  3. Commentators always tick me off, especially the ones who used to perform in the sport. They should KNOW how hard those athletes work and train, they should be supporting them and not making stupid comments about their technique or something dumb.

    1. I love watching it. The elites and the ‘regulars’. I’m annoyed I missed the Brighton marathon TV coverage but it was on so early in the morning. Must see if I can watch it on Catch up.

  4. I just wrote a short post about Dan getting into his running and how much he has improved at parkrun over the last few months as well. He’s going to overtake me soon and I’ll have to ask him to start pacing me! Well done on some speedy times for you both less than a week after your marathon. 🙂
    That starter looks lovely. I’ve never been to a Jamie’s Italian restaurant before but we ran past one in the marathon on Sunday and I was half tempted to check out the menu on the way past!
    I’m getting better at trying new dishes now, but I just know what I like, and like you said, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    1. That’s brilliant about Dan improving. When people first start running and get properly into it it’s like an exponetional increase in times. They say you have 9 years to keep improving…finger’s crossed I haven’t lost it yet!! 😉
      My competitive side does worry Ben will creep up on my times. I think he will overtake me on 5ks as my shorter distances are my weakness. He definitely can out-sprint me.

  5. I didn’t watch the marathon as I was in NY, but my brother ran it and I got updates from my Mum on how he was doing. It was a shame to miss it, as I love the atmosphere on marathon day.

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