Rants and Raves #13

My raves are far outweighing my rants at the moment, which is obviously very good! I just hope life continues along this pattern…

Rave: A while ago at parkrun there was a guy who noticed I was wearing a hairband to keep the hair off my face. He asked if I was a fan of the hairbands, I said I was (obviously) and he said he had a load he could give me for free if I wanted them. He’d bought them for himself to keep his hair out of his face but discovered they probably weren’t his style. Considering I spent around £7 for six I was quite keen to have some for free! OK they’re not the most expensive things in the world but they’re not cheap and I have limited colours.

Anyway that was a while ago and I sort of forgot about it. A couple of parkruns ago he tapped me on the shoulder and said “remember me? The hairband guy!” and he gave me the unwanted hairbands.


Amazing! Now I have more colours to choose from – hurrah! I like wearing the hairbands to the gym and running because I get wispy hair stuck on my face and it can be very annoying. I’m not sure yet if I’ll wear one at the marathon though as they can slip down from time to time (I think I have a small head) and I can’t bear to be adjusting it for miles on end.

Rant: After the Cakeathon and driving home I had some serious runger, as you can imagine. My parents thankfully had looked after Alfie over the weekend but had dropped him off a few hours before so when I got in I needed to walk him…food had to wait a few more minutes. By the time I got back and started preparing said food I was really hungry and rushing around to make myself something. I went into the freezer and picked up a bag of mini veg and didn’t realise it was upside down.


Oh how I wish it had been sprouts or big bits of broccoli, not teeny tiny bits of veg. It was then a race between Alfie and me to see who could pick up the most veg. What it is about frozen vegetables that appeals to my dog I’m not entirely sure. This was not a fun process I can assure you, especially in the raging stages of runger.

[Edit to add: this morning I had a similar incident with frozen berries. It’s amazing I can get through life so well…]

Rave: OK this is quite old news now but I had a bit of fun (and torture) seeing how old the Internet thought I was.

How old

Obviously I’ve cherry picked a ‘good’ photo here haha! I tried a few photos and let’s just say it can make your day or ruin it 😉 But seriously though, I wouldn’t want to be 19 again. I’m actually quite happy being almost 27, despite my life taking a huge twist of events recently.

Rant: Back to the little furry monster, he’s so similar to me in that he has his own ingrained habits and routine in an evening. As soon as I’ve finished dinner and washing up I’ll hear the dreaded sound of a tennis ball dropping at my feet. I turn around and this little face is looking up at me.


“Oh have you finished, can we play now please?” is what that face is saying. Every single night. So I stand on one side of the house and throw the ball to the other side of the house until he is panting and I’m bored. I just can’t say no to that face.

Rave: It’s arrived! My bib for my impending marathon has arrived. It’s funny because this whole marathon process is so different from my other two in every way.


Unlike Paris and Berlin, I don’t have to go to the expo the day before, I don’t have to worry about what I’ll be eating for my pre-race dinner or breakfast and most people will speak English in and around the race! And obviously the whole training process has been so different. I plan on writing a marathon training recap post soon. I just don’t want to jinx anything just yet!!

Rant: OK not a real rant… The Cakeathon for next year has sold out already! I know a few of my club wanted to do it but didn’t get round to entering in time and some other people expressed interest as well who have now missed out. But the race only has 100 or so spaces and it is clearly a big hit. I’m so thankful that I entered straight away. There is a waiting list and I think they host the event twice a year (as I know there’s one in August this year – also sold out) so there could still be a chance for anyone keen.

Rave: Alpro’s new Coconut Almond milk. It tastes really good. Though it is definitely sweeter than the almond milk (though conversely slightly less calories per 100ml than the unsweetened almond milk). It’s a nice change I must say! I bought mine in Tesco.


Have you missed out on entering a race before?

What are you latest rants and raves?

How do you keep your hair back when you’re exercising?

18 Replies to “Rants and Raves #13”

  1. I did that ‘what age are you?’ test with multiple photographs and they all said either 12 or 13. That’s just embarrassing! I suppose it’s because I have a chubby face, and I certainly don’t want to look older than I am, but it’s hard to be taken seriously when I’m so short on top of already having a mug like a baby. I wouldn’t want to be 13, but I’m not keen on being 29 either. I wish I could go back to being 18 and do things completely differently, or failing that at least age 23-24. Everything has just gone to pieces since then and those were the only ages where I remember feeling remotely happy.

    I’m definitely going to try that Alpro milk – I avoided it before because I’d assumed that the unsweetened almond milk was always going to be the lowest in calories.
    Jess @ One Step Closer recently posted…Review: Body Pump 93, Body Combat 63 and Body Attack 88My Profile

  2. Those hairbands are lovely, not very manly though and I’m sure they suit you better 😉
    Argh on the frozen veg, I’ve done that many, many times and it is incredibly annoying. Especially crushing a missed pea underfoot a few weeks later!
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…Bristol 10k 2015My Profile

  3. There ARE nice people in the world! What a lovely parkrun guy!
    When you mentioned about you, Alfie and the frozen veg, I kind of imagined in my head a version of Hungry Hippos. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the video of the people at the moment that’s been going round on social media? If not, type in ‘Human hungry hippo’ in Youtube and that is what I imagined. It made me laugh A LOT!
    I missed out on the Cakeathon race. 🙁 Although it does fill me with hope that there is another one in August. May have to try and get in that one instead!
    Mary recently posted…Testing out the Shires and Spires courseMy Profile

  4. My Mum used to weigh out frozen peas in the same scalepan that she used to weigh out cat biscuits – consequently whenever she was measuring out some veg the cats would come running expecting to be fed! Not sure they actually wanted to eat the frozen peas though, probably a bit cold for them!

    I missed out on getting a place for the Cakeathon- those places went quick! 🙁
    Beki @MissWheezy recently posted…My Top 5 Running MomentsMy Profile

  5. I saw that the August one was closed, and even the waiting list was closed. And I don’t want to join the next waiting list because I don’t know what we are doing for holidays and stuff next year. Maybe one day. Also, perhaps they will do another one as it is so popular? You were obviously very lucky to get in.
    After a few similar freezer messes, I now tie packets with elastic bands, so that if I get them out upside down the contents stay inside.
    How nice of that guy at parkrun too- how super to have so many different colours- you can always be co-ordinated!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Back to a routineMy Profile

  6. Now nice to get those headbands from that guy. I did the age thing and I think it got me spot on, although I am still trying to find a ‘good’ pic of me to see how much younger I can get! I’ll have to look out for the Alpro milk it sounds yummy. I keep my hair back with a wide thick black head band from sweaty betty which I’ve had for at least 4 years, I love it!

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