Post marathon – all the foods?

So here’s my last post of our Paris weekend.

After Ben had finished the marathon, we staggered back to the hotel room both eagerly recounting our races. Ben sadly didn’t enjoy his and felt very disappointed with his time (despite the huge improvement on his last one). It was hard because I enjoyed mine so much. But I knew I’d feel the same way if I’d have been unhappy with my race. Sometimes it just works out like that. I remember at the Great South I hated the race, but when I met up with Ben afterwards he was absolutely buzzing with how much he loved it.

Anyway, I had the best shower in the world. It was one of those really good power showers and the heat of it was just amazing. I had been fairly cold after the marathon waiting for Ben so this was pure, unadulterated joy.

Post marathon relax Afterwards I wrapped myself up in the hotel dressing gown and slippers and enjoyed my first post-marathon apple. No apple will ever taste as good.

Then Ben presented me with the best present ever. A Marathon Talk 26.2 Adidas hoodie.

Post marathon outfit So soft! I love it. I’ve wanted one for ages but obviously couldn’t get it until I’d run a marathon. I love that he knew that’s what I wanted. What a guy!

That was my outfit going out for late lunch/early dinner that day. I must say walking was a bit of an issue! Everything was 10 seconds behind and I was shattered.

Day 3 - post marathon2 My unhappy post-marathon walking (hobbling?) face

My expectation after the marathon was that I’d be ravenous with hunger. I wasn’t. In fact my stomach was just not happy at all. It coped well with the apple but then really wasn’t up for anything much else. But we had to eat obviously. We kept things simple and went back to the same cafe we’d been to before and we both had a starter (goat’s cheese on toast for me) and I had the same Caesar salad as before.

Day 3 - post marathon mealIt tasted very nice but my stomach still wasn’t completely OK. Funny side story, the waitress was only vaguely aware of the marathon and even asked how far it was. Seriously??

We picked up some food from a little corner shop to munch on in the evening (and Ben needed wine – he’d not drunk for four weeks prior to the marathon bless him).

Post marathon treats

At this point I was so completely fed up with water. I’d been drinking it all damn day I needed something else. I’m not a big drinker (one G&T and I’m anybody’s and post marathon it’s probably not wise for me) so I went for some crazy sparkling chemically-induced ‘fruit’ beverage.

We rented a film from the hotel TV thing (World’s End) and I promptly fell asleep at about 9pm. It was a horrific sleep though trying to get comfy with my very achy legs. And I woke up about 6.30am wide awake. Ben was like a rock next to me. I woke him at 8am out of boredom and sudden onset of RUNGER.

We headed to a lovely little cafe for petit dejeuner. We went for the whole hog.

Parisienne breakfastPlain omelette, croissants, bread and butter, dried meats and coffee. Everything but the croissants disappeared. We were seriously stuffed though until about 3pm.

We then went for an ill-advised walk to the Champs-Élysées and then down to the Tuileries Gardens where we collapsed onto some lovely chairs.

Day 4 - sight seeing12 It was lovely and sunny and we kept spotting fellow marathoners wearing their finisher’s shirt and hobbling along like us, struggling with very simple things. Honestly curbs – who invented curbs??

Day 4 - sight seeing13 We needed mini breaks like this for every 15 minutes. It was so tiring walking. But also good to keep the legs moving.

We carried on walking to the Louvre. The queue was huge so we decided to move on.

Day 4 - sight seeing27

Day 4 - sight seeing28 Possible the most stupid thing I’ve ever done – that landing was incredibly painful!!!

We walked up the road we ran along the day before. It brought back so many memories. It was great chatting to Ben and reliving it as we were walking.

We finally got to Notre Dame (after two hours of walking and stopping).

Day 4 - sight seeing35Bit ski-whiff sorry! 

After this we decided to trek back. All I had in my mind to keep me going was the thought of a break in one of the parks near the Champs-Élysées for an ice lolly. Honestly we were both fading by this point.

We got there an hour later and enjoyed a lovely ice lolly. Then headed for the next part of our trek back to the hotel with a cake pit stop for lunch.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love cakes. But I’m talking bit old fat slices of Victoria sponge, moist carrot cake, and chunky brownies. OK yes typical British cakes. In my marathon-fogged brain I stared around me in the French Patisserie…their delicate cream cakes and choux pastries I realised weren’t quite going to kick it. Yes I KNOW it’s France and it’s different but I couldn’t help but feel a little bit disappointed (I’m not entirely sure what I expected to be honest!).Post marathon cakesIn the end I went for a rather large meringue and giant cookie. I’m sorry Paris, but British cakes are much more satisfying.

We had an earlyish dinner and another early night. We were absolutely knackered.

The next day we had a bit of time in the morning and early afternoon before flying back. We decided to treat ourselves to breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bed in Paris I had the omelette, a sweet bread roll thing and a couple of pastries (they were only small honest! :))

Then we headed out for more walking. The legs were feeling more normal (though still fairly stiff and achy).

Day 5 - sight seeing3The day before I’d worn some plimsolls. I think my feet had swollen from the marathon because they were so uncomfortable. So I made the good move of wearing trainers the next day.

All in all, we had a great time in Paris. I must say we went more for the marathon than the sights but I’m glad we got to see them (both running and walking). I’m not sure we would go back as it was fairly expensive and I’m not hugely cultured to appreciate the significance of the different sights.

Now, enough marathon talk! Time to move on…until Berlin gets closer that is 😉

Are you a a fan of ‘cultural’ sights when you go on holiday? Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate them and it was absolutely fantastic to see such epic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. But I’m not one to spend hours around them. I’m ore a fan of ‘natural’ landmarks – like beautiful mountains, lakes, etc.

Would you ever do a race in a different country?

What would you/did you do post-marathon? I thought I’d eat more than I did. My stomach just didn’t feel right for quite a while.

24 Replies to “Post marathon – all the foods?”

  1. I’ve been meaning to comment ever since your first marathon post, but just kept forgetting. Please forgive me?! I want to tell you just how proud of you I am, Anna. Your 8:27 pace is just amazing. I’m quite jealous of your whole experience – even that tuna and egg pizza. Hello that sounded amazing!

    Other than wanting to congratulate you – i must say, it sounds like the two of you had a wonderful time in Paris. Whens your next one? 🙂

  2. The cakes might not have cut it but those breakfasts look spot on! I’ve never ordered breakfast in bed but what a great treat after a marathon.
    I always find if I’m walking around lots the day after a long run it helps to stay in my running trainers as they are so much more supportive for my feet. I have to really force myself to eat afterwards as well as I just don’t feel hungry (despite my Garmin telling me that I’d used up 3584 calories running London marathon!)

    1. We’ve never ordered any type of room service before but it was pretty much the same price as getting breakfast in the stupidly expensive cafes so we thought why not!
      WOW that’s a lot of calories haha.

  3. I love looking at cultural sights and landmarks when away, but appreciate that some people hate it and would rather just rest all day. I’ve got a picture of me outside the Louvre like that. I think it’s quite a popular pic for most tourists. 🙂

  4. Oh lord that breakfast in bed looks outrageous. Also you are too cute in that robe and in your hoodie. Sorry your tummy wasn’t having it after the marathon!

  5. I’m sooo jealous of your hoodie! The first thing I did after my marathon was put on my marathon talk t-shirt (I bought it before the marathon but never wore it, I didn’t even try it on to make sure it fit as I thought it would be bad luck!). Had no idea they did a hoodie though. What a lovely gift from Ben 🙂

  6. I must admit that I am not a fan of ‘cultural’ tourism either. I much prefer natural scenery, and places where I can run! I genuinely don’t get anything more out of random monuments, museums etc. than I would seeing pictures of them or TV programmes about them…they just don’t interest me at all. So we can be oh-so uncultured together 😉

    I would love to do a race in the US or Europe, but the fact that my ear condition prevents me from flying basically puts a stop to that. I’m not so keen on France and sadly that’s just about the only country I could get to without having to go on a plane or spend hours and hours travelling.

    My stomach often wants nothing to do with me the day after a marathon too (and the day before…) I think it’s all of the stress and pressure, plus the internal jiggling around while running…and of course the general strain on the body!

    I absolutely love your hoodie…and your post-marathon walking face is adorable!


    1. Haha yes to be uncultured!
      Ah that sucks about flying. It was so easy to get to Paris with the airport being close, but anywhere else (including Berlin) it’s an hour and a half journey to Heathrow or Gatwick which just adds on to the hassle. And US flights are sooo long. You need a holiday to get over them!

  7. Oh that is so sweet of Ben to get you the MT hoodie! I was going to buy one after my marathon, but then they stopped doing them (literally right after I did it!) and so once these ones came out I HAD to get one as I have only waited 3 years!
    After our marathon we hobbled to the hotel, had showers and then went to the Hard rock, but I had a veggie burger with salad because I didn’t feel that hungry, although as soon as the food arrived I wished I had gone for fries instead, even though I don’t massively like chips.
    I like seeing sights, but city breaks are only good for a couple of days- for a long holiday I much prefer proper views and walks in the countryside. And I agree, French cakes are rubbish! All that fancy cream. Although I do like macaroons but mainly for the different flavours.

    1. Yeah Ben said he really struggled as there weren’t many sizes available and it’s getting close to being sold out.
      I love what your holidays – in fact, for our next American adventure I might have a snoop around what you guys did as it just always looks so fantastic where you guys go and explore.

  8. Love the hoodie! I’m a bit of a cultural tourist, I like to see all the sights and have an itinerary 😛 My stomach felt well off after both my marathons, it’s like you know you need to eat but it doesn’t feel good!

  9. Can’t believe the waitress didn’t know about the marathon! Surely everyone in Paris would know about a big thing like that!
    Love the hoodie 🙂 Really nice present to celebrate your achievement.
    I’d love to do a race in another country- not somewhere too hot though!

  10. I’m so glad I discovered your blog today! I lived in Paris for five months and this brought me down memory lane 🙂 French breakfasts are absolutely the best…the pastries weren’t my favorite either but the MACARONS oh my goodness. Those were heaven! Congrats on the race! Paris is a great city to “walk it off” afterwards because everything is so spread out.

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