Loving my job and getting geeky

When I left my old job I desperately wanted to work in digital marketing.

I was bored as a test analyst) and felt a bit lost. But I wanted to stay within the realms of IT…after doing some research I found that digital marketing sounded really appealing. It’s a huge area and, personally, I find it fascinating. How companies use social media, web design and email to engage with customers and, yes, promote sales.

I always wanted to work in marketing – ever since I did a Psychology degree. The psychological side of business is how I saw it. What encourages someone to buy a product or like a brand . There are so many factors. It’s not about hoodwinking people though, it’s about providing good services and products to the people who most want them, and helping them get a good understanding of the company.

Because I enjoy the job I do and want to progress I often read articles and books to help further my knowledge. In the digital marketing world, like IT in general, things move quickly so you kind of have to be on the ball. What might have worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today. Look how quickly things like social media move and how many updates and changes the different platforms go through.

I recently heard about a company called Campaign Monitor, who are a leading provider of email marketing services. It’s a company used by many small and large businesses alike (even schools and churches actually!).

They have a great resource of articles to do with email marketing that can help companies improve their best practices and increase customer retention and engagement. They also have funky looking info-graphics, like the below.

It’s exactly these kind of articles I love to get geeky about and find really interesting. This might not be of interest to you at all and be a bit random, but I love reading stuff like this. I’m in such a good place with my job and find it amazing that I genuinely enjoy reading outside of my working hours to further my career. FINALLY I can get excited about my job and actively read stuff in my own time. I’m one of THOSE people now. Yay!

Do you enjoy your job?

Do you know much about digital marketing?

**Disclaimer: though I was commissioned to write this post, all opinions of the website are my own honest ones. I’ve read many of the articles on this site and genuinely find them interesting and useful.**

23 Replies to “Loving my job and getting geeky”

    1. I work on projects that aim to improve the website – things like how the customer uses the site, their journey and pain points. I also do lots of AB testing (so if we added a button here would we increase our conversion rate, etc.). It involves a lot of analysis using Google Analytics to see how customers use our site and the effect that changes things has on that. I find it so interesting 🙂

  1. I think your job sounds very interesting- I did psychology A Level and really loved that, although it feeds into my job in a different way. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about your job 🙂

    1. Psychology basically affects everything I think. You can use it in so many different ways. It’s really just having an understanding of people and motivations and why they tick like they do. I 100% couldn’t do your job – major kudos to you!

  2. This. Is. Me. You are like my soul sister here. I work in digital marketing too, and I gobble that stuff up. I’m on the B2B side though, so I think it’s a little different. I have a few blogs I love like the B2B Marketing Insider and the Forbes CMO blog. Thanks for the link to that site, I am going to check out that infographic in detail now.

  3. While reading your post, I can say that you have made the decision. Doing what you love and passionate about can make your job easier and less stress. And it is good that you love reading. You can get ideas through reading.

  4. While reading your post, I can say that you simply have made the choice . Doing what you’re keen on and hooked in to can make your job easier and fewer stress. And it’s good that you simply love reading. you’ll get ideas through reading.

  5. While reading your post, I can say that you have made a decision. Doing what you love and love can make your job easier and reduce stress. And it is good that he loves to read. You can get ideas by reading.

  6. Reading your post I can tell you simply made a choice. Doing what you enjoy and are passionate about can make your job easier and reduce stress. And it’s good that you just like to read. reading will give you ideas.

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