Easy Easter

It’s amazing what two extra day’s off can do to your motivation. Getting back to work on Tuesday was tough. It felt like I’d been off for ages. Thankfully we have another Bank holiday off very soon as well. Whew! 😉

Our Easter weekend was quite low key. On the Friday we decided to just have a lovely lazy day. We walked Alfie and went to Sainsbury’s for a few items (read: chocolate adventure). Can’t really beat that! In Sainbury’s we both chose an Easter egg each and we also got a film (Hunger Games: Catching fire).

I went for an unusual egg (a ‘squegg’) because it just sounded amazing. I much prefer more interesting eggs rather than just plain chocolate.


It’s hard to tell, but it’s actually a flat egg. This worked perfectly for me as I love putting chocolate in the fridge. Fitting an entire 3D Easter egg in the fridge is tough, but this slab of choc worked well. Actually too well. That evening I might have stood with the fridge open chomping my way through it. Three quarters of the squegg later…I felt sick but very satisfied. I don’t regret it!

Anyway, Saturday was Parkrun in the morning:

HERC hoodies And then lots of jobs.Clear out We cleared out some drawers of clothes…apparently I was hogging drawers with my mass of clothes…surely not! 😉 In the end we had three bags of clothes to go to charity, a bag of rubbish (stuff that really couldn’t go to charity) and some bottles for the bottle bank. Love a good clear out! We were both really ruthless.

Sunday we went for a seven mile easy sociable run with some guys from the club. It was just nice to not worry about pace and relax into the run.

Later Ben and me headed to his mum’s for a lovely home-made lunch.

IMG_6485 She’s been inspired by Masterchef so it was all very tasty and a bit different (not that her usual meals aren’t nice, it was just more adventurous). *In the posh Masterchef voice* Salmon and cod roasted over a bed of vegetables, all marinated in a delicious orange and parsley dressing, served with pesto stuffed tomatoes and lemon buttered greens. Well I say!

And followed by lemon meringue with ice cream. YES.

We then had a relaxed evening at home in a bit of a food coma.

Monday (oh isn’t it nice to have such a long weekend?) was a rest day. We went out with our friend to Nando’s and all three of us ordered a whole chicken each.

IMG_6486 I got a corn on the cob and side salad to go alongside (my mission was not to be defeated. Ben made the mistake of getting garlic bread and mash and couldn’t finish his chicken. Schoolboy error).

I think this went down a bit too easy if I’m honest…

IMG_6487 But definitely worth it. Though I felt so full for the rest of the day. Dinner really wasn’t an option that evening.

So lots of food, a fair bit of chocolate, some running and good quality rest time. I do love weekend’s like that. I feel like I need to get my eating in order a bit though as since the marathon I’ve kind of just gone a bit mad on everything. But it was Easter 😉

How was your Easter?

What’s your ideal Easter egg?

Do you have any Easter traditions? We don’t really. We’ll always have a nice meal but that’s about it. And maybe a few eggs…

20 Replies to “Easy Easter”

  1. I adore you & Ben’s relationship. You two always sound and look so happy together. It truly is a beautiful and uncommon thing to find these days in younger couples like ourselves.

    Our Easter was uneventful as Joshua worked. We did enjoy a nice dinner when he got home & opened Easter Baskets. That’s about it though 🙂

    1. Thanks Jessie. I love that Ben and me do so much together and share our love for running. But we also know the importance of Ben Time and Anna Time where we spend doing what we want without the other! It keeps us sane 😉

  2. My parents never really went in for Easter – too religious. I realise these days it’s about as religious as…well, The Easter Bunny and chocolate eggs tend to spring to people’s minds before Jesus, but my parents were against it anyway. I wasn’t that bothered – my Dad always made sure to sneak me plenty of chocolate for the rest of the year 😛

    Your Mum’s creation looks amazing – I would definitely attack a plate of those veggies!

    What did you think of The Hunger Games? I was in two minds about it…I still can’t make up my mind whether I liked it (overall) or not!


    1. Chocolate all year round sounds perfect!
      It was Ben’s mum’s cooking, not mine. Bless my mother, I love her to bits, but a cook she is not 😉
      I’ve enjoyed the films so far (Jennifer Lawrence is great) and I did enjoy the books…but the ending was rather depressing. But saying that I would have felt cheated if it had an American-style happy clappy ending.

  3. That meals you’re mum cooked looked SO good haha! Lindt bunnies hves gotta be my favourite easter chocolate could literally eat the whole things in one go, though that thorntons one looked really nice too!

  4. That squegg sounds great ! I love putting chocolate in the fridge too, so hard when it is egg-shaped. Ben’s Mum can come and cook for me any day haha! That food looks and sounds incredible. James and I are really into Masterchef too, though I have to admit we haven’t tried cooking anything special – yet!

  5. That sounds like a lovely Easter! I’ve been the clear out queen recently, this week I did my office at work, I had accumulated so much rubbish! My easter was lovely, although I wish we’d made the most of the good weather we ended up having despite the met office saying it would rain! My Mam made an amazing spread of food for lunch it was so good!

  6. We had a very laid back Easter which was good really considering I had been ill at the end of the previous week! Glad to hear you had a fun weekend x

  7. That homemade lunch looks lovely! I love meals filled with vegetables, and pesto-stuffed tomatoes?…Great idea.
    I’m a fan of chocolate out of the fridge as well. That Squegg looks AWESOME!
    I have to be in the mood to have a clearout, but I’m getting much more ruthless lately…I can’t believe how much clutter we’ve gathered since living together. I need to have another big clearout of clothes…there’s so many I know realistically I’ll never wear again, yet still I keep hold of them! Well done for getting so many bags together!

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