Drizzly running and weekly workouts

And just like that summer is over. This weekend just seemed like never ending rain. Lying in bed in the early hours of Saturday morning I could hear the rain pounding down. I was so tempted to just not get up for Parkrun in the morning…

But we got up and got to it. I wasn’t certain about how Parkrun was going to go, so in my perverse logic I decided to run there (4 miles) to see how I felt. Running nice and slowly. If I felt any sort of pain then I would opt out of Parkrun. I’d rather find it out beforehand then when I’m actually running Parkrun as I know I’d never stop and then I’d cause further issues.

Anyway, I felt a bit stiff to begin with and not amazing but it was alright. It just started to rain as I arrived. Ben had already arrived and everyone was huddled under the tree branches to stay out of the rain. It looked quite funny.

Ben Parkrun rain

I decided to run with Ben instead of pursuing any sort of PB. I just didn’t think it was a good idea so close to Bristol and with my intention to run 12 miles the next day. I said I’d help pace Ben (which he was chuffed with, especially as he’d forgotten his watch). The problem was, which I only realised as we started, was I hadn’t reset my watch so it was carrying on from the 4 miles I’d just ran…so I couldn’t tell him accurate paces Confused smile 

But I could keep pushing him on and telling him a sort of average we were doing.


In the end we did around 24mins 45seconds which Ben really wasn’t happy with but he had only just got back the night before from Romania on work so I thought he did pretty well!

I was going to go and see my parents in the afternoon but I went to see them the night before for a sneaky Indian the night before (FYI: Indian food – not amazing pre-running fuel). So instead we did something we haven’t done in ages. We went SHOPPING. Shopping for holiday clothes. AMAZING.

Yeah, amazing until you realise that every damn shop is now selling their autumn/fall collections. Lovely big woollen jumpers. Long cardigans. Thick skirts. Not exactly what I had in mind. However, the sale stuff was still good and I managed to snag a few bargains which I’ll show in my next post. Think lovely dresses with beautiful patterns!

We were both shattered when we got home so just had a nice chilling evening (I’ve gotten into Cougar Town – anyone else a fan? I literally laughed like 10 times during the first episode).

The next morning we were up earlyish to run again. Ben’s plan was 9 miles and mine was 12. I listened to a podcast and just lost myself in a lovely run – albeit a bit wet at the end du to the rain again. I kept the pace easy and found it a lot better than last week’s long run.


I felt very chuffed with it. I feel ready for Bristol half marathon! I hope…

Last week’s workouts:

Monday: Spin (+ 3minute plank!)

Tuesday: Spin

Wednesday: Circuits (overhead squats – errr they hurt a little bit don’t they??)

Thursday: Running club (8 miles, nice and easy pace off-road)

Friday: Spin

Saturday: Parkrun +4miles

Sunday: 12 miles long run (+ 3.15minute plank!!)

I didn’t mean to not have a rest day. I was intending to have Wednesday off but I really wanted to try Circuits. And I’m glad I did because it was tough but a good full body workout. Lots of squats, lunges, press-ups, Russian twists and a few other arm exercises that I can never remember the names of. But it did kill my legs for running club the next day which was a bit annoying. So no circuits this week – I don’t want to do anything to tire my legs too much before Sunday. This week will be no pump or circuits and another easy Parkrun I think. LOTS of foam rolling and stretching too. I’m also aiming for 2 planks a week. Well we’ll see how long this goes on for…

Do you have any fitness goals? I’m really trying to get more core in (OK get a few planks in during the week). It’s always something I forget.

Do you mind running in the rain? I don’t really care as long as it’s not windy.

How many rest days do you take in the week? Usually I always have one. I think it’s important for your body to have a rest and repair itself. Bad example this week obviously!

16 Replies to “Drizzly running and weekly workouts”

  1. I LOVE cougar town! So funny.

    My fitness goal is to able to run 5k, then who knows!! I just started getting into running and fitness so starting off with little goals.

    Anna x

  2. Well done for going there! My first ever Parkrun was during a wet and rainy day and it was my highest ever placing as I think hardly any of the regulars turned up! I don’t mind the rain, but I agree I don’t like the wind as then the rain blows in my face and all over my glasses.
    I usually have two rest days per week, although if the weather is OK I would have a walk on at least one of those days. I find I can make do with 1 rest day but after a while I get too tired so it is better for me to have 2.

    1. It’s funny because they said were there any first timers and I just couldn’t believe how many there were – amazing considering the poor weather.
      Some weeks I like 2 days. But if I balance it with doing something like pump it’s OK. All cardio just knackers me.

  3. I used to be scared of the idea of running in the rain, then I did it and loved it, although I have to admit it was only usually the nice light rain not the serious down pours! I used to work out 6 days a week, but now I’d be seriously pushed to manage that, time wise, and stress on my body wise. 4-5 times a week suits me way better!

  4. I completely latched onto your comment about Cougar Town. That show is hilarious! I wish they had episodes available online somewhere because that’s the only way I can watch tv shows these days.

    I don’t really like being wet and exercising period (except for swimming) so running in the rain doesn’t sound all that fun to me. However, running in the rain > sweating while running for me 🙂

  5. Nice job getting out there over the weekend. It was very wet here on Sat, but beautiful on Sunday. I don’t mind running in the rain , as long as I’m not wearing my glasses! I always try and take one rest day a week. My current goal is sub 2 hour half, which I am aiming for at Cardiff in 4 weeks time.

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