Cake, fro-yo and shopping – happy happy happy

Hello! Woah woah woah, how is TWO WEEKS until Christmas? When did that happen! And less than 2 weeks until Ben’s marathon debut. Scary times.

I had a great weekend gone (despite having to work Sunday afternoon – don’t even get me started on this; third weekend in a row). On Saturday Ben and I got up early and he headed to Parkrun while I headed to the gym. Envy doesn’t quite cover the strength of my emotion…The gym really sucks. But I got a good workout in and did 50 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes on the rower.

Recumbent bike

My aim was to try and emulate the length of time I’d spend on a long run to try and maintain some form of endurance. Who knows if it’ll work!

Then after making myself presentable I headed out to have some absolutely fabulous afternoon tea with some very lovely ladies from my running club. Yes I do realise this afternoon tea business is getting a bit out of hand…but when it’s so tasty and good value (£9.50!) and there’s great company I just can’t help myself.


I made a huge error when ordering and ordered the wrong cake! I thought I was ordering the one I’d seen as I walked in and had tried to describe it to the waitress but I think we misunderstood each other. Though one of my friends kindly swapped hers (which was the cake I wanted) for mine (not the one I wanted). Cake drama let me tell you! 😉

Sunday and I headed to the gym again (I do know how to have fun, don’t I?) and did 20 minutes on the rower and then followed my personal trainer strength routine.


After the gym, Ben and I decided to nip quickly into town and pick up a few Christmas shopping items we can’t get online. This might have involved me updating my wardrobe a little…whoops!


Lovely and Christmassy!

I was SO chuffed to find a frozen yogurt stall in the shopping centre!! Moo and Berry frozen yogurt

It was a self-serve and there were quite a few different flavours available…like peanut butter, strawberry, banana, plain and…SALTED CARAMEL! Well I just went for a whole load of salted caramel. I was quite impressed as the fro-yo was only 80 calories per 100g. Not too shabby. Let’s not talk about how much mine weighed in the end though 😉 Though I was sharing with Ben!


What more could a girl want? Starbucks (black Americano with hazelnut syrup), fro-yo and shopping.

Then sadly it was back to work. Ho hum.

What’s your favourite flavour of frozen yogurt? I think I actually prefer the plain with lots of toppings.

What’s your usual Starbucks/Costa/etc. order? Mine is always black Americano with a splash of some sort of syrup (my favourite being hazelnut).

Do you enjoy shopping? I enjoy clothes shopping if I’m in the mood and it’s not ridiculously busy. Sunday morning wasn’t actually too bad and I found some really nice tops. 

24 Replies to “Cake, fro-yo and shopping – happy happy happy”

  1. What a fantastic weekend. I’m always curious what flavor of frozen yogurt other countries has and if it’s self serve or not. (ours in Kuwait only has the classic flavors, and isn’t priced by the weight.. gr) Salted Caramel is such a delicious flavor! I think my favorite would be vanilla with toppings – usually just rainbow sprinkles. Oh wait, coconut & mocha are pretty awesome too.

    Sorry your emotions were high while the man was on his run & you were stuck @ the gym. Soon enough you’ll be joining him. For now, just enjoy the gym.. I mean it looks beautiful!!

  2. If I’m in the mood I really enjoy any shopping. My favorite is shopping for other people, quickly followed by books, thrift store shopping, and buying groceries! 🙂

    Haha. Glad the cake crisis was averted.

    Favorite fro-yo would just be plain vanilla.

    I think I like the sound of your Starbucks order. On the rare occasions that I drink coffee, it is just black. I’d be more likely to get an herbal tea or something though.

    1. Oooh yes grocery shopping is good fun 🙂 I love having a good wander.
      I don’t often get Starbucks as they’re quite expensive but I do like to treat myself once in a while. Normally in the day I’ll just have a plain black instant.

  3. I wish more places sold fro-yo. It makes me very sad that my town does not. 🙁 My town does offer a great afternoon tea in the garden centre though…definitely my favourite item on the menu!
    I’m not a coffee or tea person (I’m told this is very odd for a teacher) so I tend to order ht chocolate when I go out for midday drinks…I can’t always resist the cream and marshmallows on top though!

    1. I know, the UK is only just picking up on the fro-yo trend of the US. I was so surprised to find it in our shopping centre!
      Hot chocolate is lovely. I have one every night before bed – I’m such an old lady.

  4. What a fab weekend 🙂 (Except the gym part, well done on that!)
    I could not have a cold thing like fro yo and a hot drink at the same time! They don’t match in my head- I imagine the hot drink melting the ice cream/ froyo in my stomach. Weird.
    I would choose either an Earl Grey tea, or a chai latte, or sometimes a gingerbread steamer (basically steamed milk with gingerbread syrup), oh, or maybe a peppermint hot chocolate if I was splashing out! That afternoon tea looks amazing, and super cheap too!

    1. Actually not you say that it was weird having the coffee and fro-yo at the same time. I wasn’t expecting to have the fro-yo and had already got the coffee and I just couldn’t resist…
      Oooh I love the sound of that steamer! I’ve always wondered what a steamer was.

  5. I usually go for a black americano too – but haven’t tried any of the syrups, maybe I should! However, I have been loving the chocolate orange mocha latte at Costa this year – but I limit myself to one per week or it’ll get out of control!

    1. I’m not a fan of chocolate and orange together – never liked Terry’s chocolate orange! But mocha lattes are lovely, aren’t they? Yeah I have to stop myself from getting a daily coffee as they’re so expensive!

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