Another wedding and yet more cake

I’ve had four days off and yet I feel like I’m even more tired. We’ve just been crazy busy. But in a nice way.

Ben and me had Thursday and Friday off as we had a wedding Thursday afternoon and were staying the night in the hotel where the reception was being held. On Thursday morning we tried to get some boring house jobs done and also sort my new car out (very exciting!) Then we headed to the wedding, which was being held in the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth.

IMG_6630 Basically it’s this huge tower-like structure where you can go up in a lift and see amazing views. Well, I say amazing…it’s about as amazing as it can get in Portsmouth 😉 Because we got there about 40 minutes before the wedding began we waited in the cafe and had a sneaky bit of cake.

Spinnaker Tower wedding

We had a slice of carrot cake and millionaire shortbread and had half each of both. This is big news as I never normally share cake!

Spinnaker Tower views

Despite the weather being less than stellar, the views were fantastic. It was really quite a unique and lovely ceremony.

Spinnaker WeddingAnd there was a glass floor you could stand on (without shoes) and look straight down. Very cool.

After the ceremony we headed back to the hotel for the reception. Despite my previous cake, I was getting hungry. The meal was a buffet and in true Anna fashion I started getting antsy. I hate buffets. I’m always scared they’ll not be enough food – and consequently eat way too much. When will I ever learn? Ben said he thinks it’s hilarious, but I tried to make him understand by saying imagine that the bar was a buffet format and there were only so many drinks available. His eyes lit up in panic. Exactly!

Wedding food Spinnaker I ate quite a lot of sweets from the sweet buffet too…and three *little* pieces of wedding cake. I felt quite full by the end. And rather rough. It was a good evening though with lots of great company and banter.

IMG_6654The sign reads: “I’m here for the cake” 

I woke up feeling a little delicate and quite bloated. Not good!

Then we had a mad whirl-wind of a day where we had to dash back home to Southampton to pick up my paper bit of my driving licence to then drive back to Portsmouth to sort my new car out. We’ve officially bought a new Fiat 500!

IMG_6627And amazingly it’ll be ready this week as they had one in stock to the spec we wanted. How lucky is that??

Then from there we had to go home, do the food shop, go to the post office and pick up our road bikes from Halfords. And I wanted to do a bit of baking for a party I was going to the next day. Whew.

As we don’t have a bike rack we could only get one bike safely in our car so I cycled mine home (it was only 4 miles). It was great to get a proper feel for the bike. It felt really good. It fit well, I felt very comfortable and it was light and speedy – from my limited experience!

Unfortunately we don’t have anywhere to put them yet as our shed is rather full. So they’re in the living room for the moment.

IMG_6669 Looks fine, right…? Alfie doesn’t even care.

After Parkrun on Saturday morning I headed to a surprise party for our lovely previous ladies’ captain who’s currently pregnant. A fair few of us made cakes and it was all very lovely. She was very surprised and chuffed (I think!) I brought cupcakes but forgot to take a photo. They looked liked cupcakes… 😉

IMG_6666 Obviously I was in my element with the cake…

So much cakeWhich was well documented by our current ladies captain (I’ve stolen the photos from her – thank you, Kelly!)

But this was the best part:

Mini running gear  Photo credit – stolen from Karen (thank you!)

Now, I’m not a baby person but that is just adorable! Mini Hedge End Running Club gear. Karen’s baby will be the best dressed baby in town 🙂

On Sunday we went to the Alton 10 mile race where Ben aimed to beat his PB (around 1:26 I think) and I planned to just run with him and help push him along and keep him company. I’ll do a recap of my latest runnings in another post. Spoiler alert: Ben got his PB 🙂

Whew. Lots going on!!

Next weekend is the Netley 10k which is our running club championships (lots of medals up for grabs for different achievements). I’ve eaten so much rubbish the past few days (yep, I include cake in that) that I’ve decided to go on a bit of a ‘detox’ this week. I say detox but what I mean is a ‘cake and rubbish free zone’. No cake, chocolate or ‘big’ treats until I finish the race. I feel like I went overboard the past couple of days and I want to get back to feeling good and in race shape!

How was your weekend?

What’s the best part of a wedding for you? I’d be lying if I said the cake was one of my favourite parts…

What’s your car like? I’ve never had a new car so this is very exciting. I will be cleaning it every weekend…maybe.

How do you deal with a weekend or few days of eating rubbish?

28 Replies to “Another wedding and yet more cake”

  1. Burning the candle at both ends comes to mind when I think of the weekend but it was lots of fun! I love the disco at the end of the wedding, love a good boogie! My car is ancient! Old ford fiesta but it gets me from A to B so it’ll do for now….

    Looks like you had a fab few days, love ya wedding outfit x
    Tamzin recently posted…Gluten Free Awareness Week 12-18th May 2014My Profile

    1. All my previous cars (all of two of them!) have been old bangers so I know the pains of an old car. I feel quite grown up getting a new one. I just have such a journey each day that it makes sense.

  2. Your new car is so cute Anna – congratulations! It suits you perfectly too (if that makes sense?)
    I love the outfit you wore to the wedding, so elegant and pretty – the shoes are fab too! The wedding I was at last weekend had a sweetie bar.. let’s just say I used and abused it a little too much, I was pushing kids out the way for those pink piggies haha!
    Claire @ Flake and Cake recently posted…A big tick at the end of the listMy Profile

  3. Well, I wish I could attack a buffet and eat cake…and still look and run like you do! I honestly wouldn’t worry too much – you’re naturally built like a runner anyway, and thus I think you’d have to eat non-stop to be anything other than enviably slim. Can you tell I’m jealous?

    According to Twitter I think Ben *smashed* his PB would be more accurate 😉 So very well done to him indeed! He’s improving so quickly – I’m really impressed!

    I bet you’ll do equally as well in your 10K. Try not to stress too much, although I know it’s a case of pot calling the kettle black here.

    Jess recently posted…Sunderland City Half Marathon ~ 1:40:08 (Injured)My Profile

    1. I think I could get away with eating crap like that for a few days and then it would take its toll on me. I’m human! I think I am naturally slim but eating cake to the quantity I’m eating it at the moment will get the better of me eventually.

  4. Blimey what a weekend! Sounds like you had lots of fun and cake is always good 🙂 Well I’ve had a few days of rubbish, although to be honest it wasn’t that bad. I used to go into ‘detox’ mode but now I just get back to normal and give any everyday treats a miss for a few days. I always feel better after that!

    1. I don’t normally do something like this but I felt like cake was losing it’s ‘specialness’ you know? It was becoming very mundane and I never want cake to be mundane!

  5. I would not enjoy standing on a glass floor! I’m not necessarily scared of heights, but I am of things falling through!
    Your buffet mindset made me laugh! I like your comparison with the bar! Dan does something similar when we go away for a weekend. Every place we pass he has to buy some food-I asked him about it once, and he says he has a fear of not having access to food when he really needs it, so feels like he just has to have lots in stock!
    LOVE that your Ladies captain’s baby is going to be dressed in your club gear from day one! Such a cute gift. 🙂
    Mary recently posted…Five Things MondayMy Profile

    1. Haha I’m with Dan in that respect! I like to be prepared for all situations. It’s like long car journeys, I need multitudes of snacks to get me through.

  6. Such a cool place for a wedding! I saw that tower when we went to Portsmouth, but it was closed because of the wind, so we couldn’t go up.
    Ha ha, love that “i’m here for the cake” sign!
    My favourite part of a wedding is the actual ceremony when the bride walks down the aisle and you get to see her dress for the first time! That was my favourite part of my wedding day!
    Lucy recently posted…Take on the Triathlon with Michelle DillonMy Profile

  7. Dude, I have the same problems with buffets. Every time. Love both your outfits btw, gorgeous. Congrats on the new car! Also I’m giggling at Alfie all tucked into the couch like that- adorableeeee.

  8. You two look gorgeous together 🙂
    And yes, weddings are my favorite simply because of the cake. Ok, I also love the dress, but its mostly about the cake 😉
    Congrats on the new car!! When I got Black Widow I literally just sat in her for half the day lol
    Kat recently posted…Randomly DeliciousMy Profile

  9. I would not have been standing on that floor! I really hate steep things, or seeing the ground from a long way up- got a bit panicked on the Eiffel tower as the steps were sort of wire (metal? ) and I could see the ground through the steps.
    Cake is always the best part of the wedding. 🙂 So long as it is real cake!
    Yay for your new bike, and your new car, and yay for Ben’s pb too! 🙂
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Women’s Tour comes to Welwyn!My Profile

    1. It did freak me out to begin with but then I managed to convince myself it was fine – mind over matter.
      Yes real wedding cake is amazing – and seems to be a rarity these days! The cake we had at that wedding was chocolate. So inferior to fruit!

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