All those random things

Hello! Today feels like Friday for me today because Ben and me have a day off tomorrow. Hurrah!

This post is about the random things that have been happening that I wanted to put in the blog but it never seemed ideal.

  • Rain. So much rain. And the delightful experience of parking your car at work and coming back to see the river blocking your route back to it.

    Flooded car park This was great. I really enjoyed wading through this massive puddle to get back to my car after work.

  • Alfie, I love him dearly (he’s our little dog if you weren’t aware). But when I get home, walk him, make our dinner, then attempt to make my way to the sofa to relax he picks up his ball and runs over to me with it and drops it right in front of me…playing ball is the last thing I want to do. He then looks up at me with the most expectant face. Oh Alfie, how can I refuse?Guilty Alfie
  • However, I have found a way to keep him entertained if I just want to do nothing (read or chill):Alfie watching TVPut the Animal Planet channel on! He loves the big cats programme and the cat-specific one (surprise surprise).
  • The gym…ahh the gym. The things you see at the gym:Crazy gym girl outfitCan you see the girl in the pink jogging bottoms? That white thing on her head is a huge furry hat. Sometimes it can be a bit chilly at the gym…but not that chilly! And yes she was there to workout. Seeing her on the treadmill was an experience in itself.
  • Crazy shoe guy running on the treadmill:IMG_5670 They’re barefoot trainers (I guess). They just looked very odd. I saw someone running in barefoot trainers at the Reading half as well. I’ve never been tempted to try it…You basically have to go back to basics with running to ‘re-learn’ how to run – like mile by mile. The guy in the race though was doing some hard heel-striking so I don’t know if his have helped him. I’d probably get injured in all new areas if I tried it.
  • Apparently I’ve been saying “grimace” wrong my whole life. I thought it was “grimance” with an ‘n’ in there. Quite embarrassing really.
  • And I’ve finally taken a photo of my medal holder (which isn’t actually on the wall yet). My granddad made it for me. He goes up to Scotland every winter to help out look after reindeers at this reindeer centre. The male reindeers ‘drop’ their antlers and he collects the ones in good conditions and makes things out of them (he was a carpenter).Medal holder

Ben held it up for me and I put some of my medals on it to give it it’s full effect. I think it’s amazing!

So this weekend is going to be a busy one. With the meal tomorrow, then Karen’s (pregnant amazing runner) 30th birthday party on Saturday (afternoon tea – YES She very much shares my love of cake!) and then a meal out on Sunday for Ben’s birthday (which was on Tuesday). Lots of food…the best kind of weekends 😉

What do you do with your medals?

What kind of trainers do you wear to run?

Do you have any pets?

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  1. I love your medal holder – it’s so cool! And how lovely that your granddad made it 🙂 I don’t have any medals – I think we get one for the Bristol-London ride though, I’ll have to think what to do with it!

  2. The pink legging lady reminds me of some of the women I’ve seen lately at the gym. Perhaps cos I’m feeling so un-glamorous I notice them more… But really… Women who wear white/ light grey/ any pastel colour leggings, and coordinating cropped tops are definitely not there for a tough workout… They’re there to pose. If you were actually planning on sweating there is no way light grey would be your colour of choice. Sweat patches could emerge in all the wrong places. Like wise, I’m all for a bit of mascara to make me look half awake in the mornings, but turning up to the gym with a face full of make up?! Really?! If you’re actually there to workout you should either be sweating it off or at least showering it off afterwards!!

    1. Yeah full on makeup at the gym? Are you serious? It’s not a fashion show. I always hope I don’t see anyone I know because I tend to look my very worse. I even wear my glasses (which never usually see the light of day).

  3. Oh my God…at first I thought that guy was running in ballet pumps! I can’t be doing with minimalist running at all – my hypermobile joints would not be happy. There’s one guy from my gym who ran the Great North Run barefoot…as in, literally with no shoes on. I have no idea how he did it (he was only 19!) without absolutely tearing up his feet, and he finished in 1:19. Some people are rather annoying with their level of talent, no?

    I have a few pinboards for my medals and numbers…no pets though 🙁 I did have a cat, but she was hit and killed by a car in 2011, and although I still miss her and would like to rescue several cats, my parents aren’t animal people at all and I can’t afford to keep a cat myself right now. Hopefully in the future though.


    1. I don’t care what people say, pets are part of the family in my eyes. It is always very sad to lose them 🙁
      Jeeze, barefoot for an entire race is crazy. I just can’t afford to risk it. I am barely able to stay uninjured in trainers (well perhaps this is my problem?). I don’t want to have to ‘re-learn’ how to run in nothing…

  4. Awwww your dog is a cutie! I have a cat that I adopted and I absolutely love him, he definitely brightens up my life : )

    I used to love the random things I would see at the gym people are so funny!

  5. Hope you’re having a fun day celebrating your anniversary today! And a happy belated birthday to Ben. 🙂
    Why would anyone wear that hat ever?! Never mind at the gym! I get so hot at the gym I often end up flapping my t-shirt infront of my chest to try and cool myself down a little. I can’t imagine wearing a hat on a treadmill!

  6. Happy belated anniversary!
    Love the medal holder, such a lovely idea.
    Mine are hanging handle on a door in our living room- I really should sort something out but not now!
    The picture of your car took me back- our car park at school used to flood with sewage (so gross) so a few times I had to get in my car via the passenger door as otherwise I would have trodden in it. Thankfully the drains got fixed!
    Also I thought that guy was wearing girls shoes- the ankle strap looks very strange.I have medium trainers (yes I am that technical)- I don’t like the soles too chunky as then I feel like I will turn my ankle, but I couldn’t run with the barefoot shoes- a happy medium is for me.

    1. Well they’re not hung on it yet. My medals are still in my bedside drawer…all tangled and unloved hehe.
      Argh sewage? That’s disgusting. Luckily it was just rain water and a bit of dirt for me.
      Yeah my trainers are help with my excessive pronation and I’m happy with them. I don’t think I’d ever attempt barefoot or Vibrams.

  7. I can’t believe that woman was wearing a hat in the gym, on the treadmill as well?! Bizarre. I wear Asics gt-2000, Inov-8 Trail Rocs for offroad, and vibrams for strength training. I am trying to change from heel striking to midfood striking at the moment, and I am finding it hard going, I think because I’m probably using totally different muscles, I just find it a lot more intense at the moment.

    1. Wow that is quite an undertaking to change your form quite that drastically. Must be quite hard work? Be careful to strengthen your ankles and feet to take the new load on. I know it is better for the body and running to land forefoot/midfoot but I’m happy with my current form as I know I’ve improved a lot since I started and I mange to get my feet under my body a lot of the time so it sort of counteracts the heel strike.

  8. Your grandpa is so sweet to make that medal holder for you. The antler part is incredibly cool. I bet no one else has anything like that to hold their race medals! 😀

    Ugh. Rain. We are getting a lot of snow/rain today and the puddles are just enormous. I hate having to walk through what feels like a lake just to get to my car. Lol. I hope you have waterproof shoes! I really need to get some.

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