Things I’m loving in November

November, November…how is it November?? It has to be my least favourite month in the entire year, but it does mean we’re inching closer to Christmas and I love Christmas so at least that’s a silver living. I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been loving recently.

New leggings: OK I officially have far too many leggings. It’s a real addiction. It’s leaking out into everyday life – I wear them all the time. I’m pretty sure I could wear them to work as well as my office are pretty chilled but I’m trying really hard not to. Otherwise I’ll never be out of them! But anyway, I did buy another pair at the weekend. Hear me out. I don’t usually wear full length leggings and I don’t have any grey pairs sooo…ivy-park-leggingsThese leggings are from Top Shop from the Ivy Park range. Yep, I was fully sceptical at first as well. Top Shop? Beyoncé? Sportswear? Don’t be daft. But I tried them on and was really surprised. They’re made from a lovely, thick and stretchy material that hugs and “holds everything in”. I did several squats in the changing room to test them out (does anyone do this…?) and they didn’t slip down or go see-through (a big leggings no-no in my book!). For £40 they are expensive but the quality of the cut and material is there so I thought they were worth it.

iPhone battery: I love my iPhone but it frustrates me that it runs out of battery so easily. When I go on a day-trip somewhere I’ve invariably had to take a charger with me and hope to end up in a Starbucks somewhere where I can plug my phone in. It’s ridiculous. So I bit the bullet and bought a battery caseimg_6033I got this from Amazon for about £38. It’s a cheaper alternative to some of the other battery packs out there (including the ridiculously priced Apple one) and had great reviews. It does make my iPhone more bulky and heavy but I personally think it’s worth it as I now don’t need to worry about my battery running out and can go back to charging overnight. There’s a button on the back you click and it activates the battery and charges your phone up (the battery provides 130% more battery).

Pimped up porridge: I went back to porridge. I couldn’t stay away. I was having scrambled eggs and as delicious as it was each morning…I just missed my warm, stodgy oats. My problem with porridge was that it was just very high in carbs but without a lot of protein, and after going to the gym I like to have a balance of carbs and protein. So I’ve been adding some protein powder to my porridge to boost it up.img_6307Yes it does look like prison gruel…but it tastes really nice. I’m not a big fan of adding lots of toppings and extras to my porridge and normally wouldn’t like any sweetness but it’s not crazy sweet. I only add about 15g so it’s not overwhelming (and adds about 11g protein).

New book: I’m listening to a new audio book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking Susan Cain.quite-susan-cainI actually heard about this book through a TED talk from the same woman and it peaked my interest. I consider myself an introvert so I was keen to read the book. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you’tr anti-social or incapable of social interactions. For me it means liking to spend a bit more time alone and not being fully comfortable in social situations of which I’m not used to. I find them overwhelming. After a day with my friends or in big groups, I prefer nothing more than going home and spending time on my own to “recharge” (and why I struggled quite a bit when I went to the bootcamp in Spain).

It seems that the ideal is to be an extrovert, and being an introvert is often seen as a disadvantage, but the book shows how introverts are powerful in their own ways and how they shouldn’t be overlooked. I’m half-way through and finding it quite comforting and reassuring. It provides me with a lot of answers about the way I am in certain situations and why I feel certain ways.

Good food: On Saturday I went to Chichester with my parents. It’s kind of an annual thing to do around Christmas time as Chichester is so festive and such a pretty town. There are some nice shops that aren’t just your regular high-street ones too.

We booked a table at Bills which, though is a chain, is a really nice chain. I didn’t realise there was one in Chichester and my parent’s had never been to one before so it seemed ideal.

For starters my dad and me shared a meze board, which had hummus, tzatziki, red pepper dip, olives, flat bread, chicken skewers, calamari and falafels. It was delicious.img_6314It also wasn’t huge as some platters can be. For main I almost went for a Caesar salad but decided to go for something different for once. I had the lemon paprika chicken with some long stem broccoli on the side.img_6317It was DELICIOUS. I honestly can’t sing this enough praises. It had honey roasted root vegetables and cranberries and was just divine. And very filling. Originally I’d intended on having a pudding (I spotted a brownie with my name on it) but I sensibly decided not to. The meal had filled me up perfectly and anything more would be greedy and unnecessary and would probably spoil the satisfaction I was feeling. Who even am I?? I’m trying to not be so gluttonous when I eat out…let’s see how long that lasts 😉

And finally…beautiful crisp winter mornings: There have been some beautiful sunrises in the morning when I walk Alfie. img_6255I’m very lucky to live so close to a pretty park and where Alfie can run off his lead while I enjoy the scenery. Yes it’s been very cold, but it’s worth it.

Have you tried anything new lately?

What kind of phone do you have?

What books have you read lately?

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  1. Chicken with honey roasted root vegetables and cranberries sounds flipping incredible!
    I have a Iphone 6s and it appears to burn battery like nothing else, of course, I do use social media a LOT but I’m charging twice a day…
    I have a little pebble charger I use for days out, but I feel that for £38 that charger would really help me.
    Have I tried anything new? Yes! I tried a ‘curve building’ class yesterday and learnt some new lower body moves! Hurrah!

  2. I’ve merely managed to keep my head above water so far this month. So glad it’s finally cold – but goodness. Such a quick change (it seems to be the thing. Ages on one type of weather, then BANG! change).

    I have a little battery pack – I’m fairly good at not prodding at my phone, mostly because I tend to have a partially knitted sock in progress with me at all times, and also because I find it annoying in other people, therefore I try not to be on the phone masses myself. I can actually get the work iPhone to run for a couple of days without charge (particularly if I turn off hangout notifications when I’m at my desk/asleep).

    I’m on a Pratchett jag at present. And also reading Joseph Andrews, which is quite hilarious, but only funny because I read Pamela relatively recently…
    Jane recently posted…Thames Meander…Oh. So Close.My Profile

    1. Yeah I do try and not use my phone when I’m around other people as I find that very rude. But when I’m out and about on my own it’s a bit of a nightmare – especially if I’m using GPS to find where I’m going or if I’m travelling on the train to visit people and then want to take photos later.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…What to Wear When Running in WinterMy Profile

  3. That book sounds interesting. I need some things to listen to besides podcasts, so will download it. Your lunch looks like it was worth declining the cakes at parkrun!

  4. I carry an extra charger pack too. I think iPhones are known for rubbish battery life. I have the iPhone 6plus.
    I’m currently reading Greg Rutherford’s autobiography and can not put it down.
    Rebecca recently posted…I am a Unicorn!My Profile

  5. What a gorgeous picture of that park! Frosty mornings are so pretty.
    Charging your phone twice a day is crazy! I have a Moto (G4 I think? ) and I use it a fair bit each day as I listen to podcasts through it in my car, and on my runs, I take pictures with it, use the maps- usually at the end of the first day it’s got about 60% battery left. I do charge it a bit overnight as I use it as an alarm and I think probably it would not quite last to when I got home on the second day if I didn’t.
    And nothing wrong with new leggings! Although I tend to avoid grey as it seems to show up the sweat more than other colours.
    I’m reading a detective book set in China at the moment, it’s quite good so far- no idea who it is by or what it is called as it’s on my kindle so I don’t see the cover!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…November?My Profile

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