Super salads and an ego adjustment

Well, it was meant to be my day off today but work got too critical and I had to come in. If I’m honest I’m not too annoyed as work is really interesting at the moment (how sad do I sound??). But it’s Friday so weekend soon!

This week in the UK the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 premier happened in London and it was Twihard mania. I mean seriously, over 5,000 people waited for over 32 hours in Leicester Square to see the cast. Unbelievable. My dad was in Leicester Square the day before and girls were camped out ready.


Jeeze. I work with an older guy (let’s call him Fred) who really isn’t in touch with current happenings in terms of new music, films, trivial celebrity happenings etc. Fred’s super smart and has an immense knowledge in history and things like that, but ask him about a TV programme or a film and he knows nothing – we’re talking, no knowledge of the X-Factor or Harry Potter.

So, it was around this time last year when the premier for Part 1 was going on when Fred was at our current customer’s London site (Leicester Square) and (I won’t say who I customer is) but they often interview famous people. Anyway, Fred only got into an elevator with Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart. He had absolutely no idea who they were and clearly was nonplussed with sharing such a small space with them. And (this is an absolutely true story) R-Patz turned to him and said “You have no idea who she is, do you?” and Fred replied “No, sorry I don’t work here”. He was dutifully informed of who they were when he got out of the elevator though by another one of my co-workers who was gobsmacked by who he was stood next to.

How funny is that? I love that Fred literally had no idea who they were. I mean it must have been a reality shock for them that someone in the whole universe didn’t know them. Don’t get me wrong, I love Twilight and R-Patz is a hottie but I like it when celebs get their egos shaken a bit.

Now, this might surprise you but I love my salads. I know, I know, this is crazy talk. OK, well no it really isn’t. But I thought I’d do a post focused on my beloved salads as I have them so often, but mix it up with different variations.

I always start with a simple base of some standard veggies:


Lettuce, chopped cucumber, sliced tomatoes, chopped mushrooms and diced beets. Simple, cheap, easy flavours that go well together and are cheap.

Then I always have some protein. This is usually in the form of a cheese (goat’s cheese, mozzarella, halloumi or feta).


If I’m feeling really hungry or the cheese isn’t that calorie dense, I’ll add either chicken, egg, hummus or chickpeas to make more of a proper meal.

Mozz salad 12.10

And I’ll always have some kind of fruit chopped up in there as well for sweetness, like plumb, peach, mango, figs, pomegranate, or peer.

31.08 goats cheese

Sometimes I’ll drizzle balsamic vinegar onto the salad, sometimes I’ll sprinkle nutritional yeast, or some toasted pumpkin seeds.


This might sound like a boring meal but I honestly love it and I never get bored because I can switch up the ingredients to whatever I fancy. Like randomly adding roasted pumpkin!

Pumpkin salad

It’s great for using up food. My salads are usually fairly massive and they fill me up nicely without making me feel uncomfortable, which is great for the evening when I get in at around 7ish after work and don’t actually eat until 8. I tend to go lighter on the carbs at dinner just because I don’t think I need it. I need my carbs in the morning to get myself going.

I’m always on the look out for new flavour combos, so I’m open to new suggestions Smile

Have you seen anyone famous?

6 Replies to “Super salads and an ego adjustment”

    1. Ahh yes, nuts are good too! I love cashew nuts and pine nuts. I think fruit is always a must as it just jazzes things up a bit. Now it’s getting colder though I’ll probably start adding more roasted veg to the salads as well I think.

  1. I have no idea who those people are- I mean I guess they are from Twilight from what you write, but I have no idea either.
    I love having salads, but I tend to have them less when it is cold- I tend to have more chillis and stews and things- similar ingredients (veggies, beans) but warm! 🙂

    1. I’m glad there is still some sanity in the world with people not knowing who they are. I mean it’s just silly, girls screaming and waiting hours…
      Yeah salads are becoming less appealing at the moment I agree. It’s just easier to throw together. But I do love chillis and stews. And lots of roasted vegetables.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! It’s always nice to meet fellow Londoners 🙂

    I love the Twilight story. I wish I didn’t know who they were, haha. At the gym I work at, we get quite a few celebrities in but I rarely know who they are. Just yesterday we had a model and a celebrity chef training, but I didn’t know who they were until one of the other trainers told me afterwards. Whoops.

    1. I love your blog – always good tips! I don’t live in London, but I do occassionally travel there for business. I live about an hour away.
      Haha yeah I love Twilight too but I just think this whole mania over the actors is crazy!
      Whenever I’m in London I always feel like I could see someone famous – I saw Gok Wan having lunch once haha.

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