Rants and Raves #4

Do you know, I think I have a lot more raves than rants today. Surely this can’t be right, I’m British after all 😉 We do love a good moan! But what can be done, eh.

Rave: I’m working from home today which is always nice. Easy access to a fridge full of lovely food, warm house, comfy clothes (dare I say PJs? There’s something so wonderful about showering and then getting into clean, fresh PJs), Alfie and my very own makeshift standing desk.Standing desk

As I type this I’m standing, not slouching over my computer. I wish I had the nerve to create my own standing desk in the office but it really would look odd with no one else doing it. Ho hum!

Rave: And as you can see above, Ben bought a very jazzy looking Kenwood KMix. This is a very good sign for the possible baking ahead…I am EVER HOPEFUL!

And helps with my standing desk as well obviously 😉

Rave: Coming in to work on Monday to find an advent calendar from my boss! You just can’t beat a chocolate advent calendar. And my lovely mum bought me a new mug as well. But after the drama with my last mug, this one will be safely stowed at home in case it gets snagged.

Advent Calendar 2014

Rant: Do you know what beats chocolate advent calendars? Better quality ones! Clearly the Hello Kitty was not breaking the bank and consequentially the chocolate is indicative of this.

image Rave: Christmas! And Christmas parties and gatherings.

IMG_8578I have quite a few exciting events coming up which I’m looking forward to. Sadly not going to my work’s Christmas do as it’s midweek in London (actually it’s tonight) and it just seemed a bit of a faff. It’s sad because a lot of people have thought the same so not many are going. It’s so different from the other year’s AMAZING trip to Bruges. Well anyway I’m going to Berlin (again) this weekend to meet up with friends and visit the Christmas markets, Ben and me have a few different meals and evenings to go to and well it’s Christmas! Christmas music, food, cheer and festivities! I love it all 🙂

Rave: coconut oil! Having this big tub of it makes me a very happy Anna. This, along with a few other products, were sent to me to review from MyProtein (which will be in a future post).


And spoiler alert: I love it! But then you can’t go much wrong with coconut oil, can you?

Rave: Freebies from friends at work. A guy at work does a lot of cycling and his wife is starting to get into it too. They got some cycling shoes (the special clip-on ones) and they haven’t been working out for her so he gave them to me for free! I have no idea if they’re any good or not but at least they were free.

Cycling clip-on shoesJust need to get the special pedals (can you tell how much of a cycling dunce/newbie I am? All the gear and no idea…).

And that’s my lot. Obviously I could rant until the cows come home about still not running but I’m in an OK place. I have strength training to be getting on with and with going to Berlin this weekend it’s sort of good timing anyway (can anyone say that an injury is good timing???).

What are your rants and raves this week?

12 Replies to “Rants and Raves #4”

  1. That’s the most pitiful piece of chocolate I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Disappointment wouldn’t even sum up how I’d feel after eating one of those little things. Boo!!

    Rave: Today is Wednesday which means Joshua only has one more day of work until our day off together. Yay!
    Jessie recently posted…Babies Update: 31 Weeks & 3 DaysMy Profile

  2. Kinnerton chocolate is the worst! Don’t know if that is what you have, but it is rubbish! But then, never look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.
    I love your rant and rave posts- exciting news about the mixer! I nearly nearly bought one of the kitchenaid mixers last Friday as Debenhams had a voucher code so they were about £150 cheaper, but I was at work (Andy texted me at lunch) and by the time I got home they only had the barbie pink colour, and I wasn’t sure and then they all went out of stock. Never mind. Our kitchen is so tiny anyway that I am not sure I could justify it!
    I am now running out of time for all the pre-Christmas prep – I have not even put marzipan on the cakes yet!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Can’t get more local than that (Hatfield 5 recap)My Profile

    1. Is that what the chocolate’s called? It tasted very cheap.
      Ben thankfully got his £140 cheaper because he works at Kenwood so gets discount and they had a sale on in the shop! That’s such a shame they went out of stock, but I don’t blame you for not getting the Barbie pink one…*shudders*. We really don’t have space for the mixer in our tiny kitchen to be honest so it will be interesting to see where it ends up (it’s currently still in the box…). Ben is trying to push my slow cooker out of the kitchen to make space but I’m not budging!!
      We haven’t even done our Christmas cake yet!!! Ben is planning on making it on Sunday when I’m in Berlin…probably best I’m away from all the stress 😉
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Fuelify ReviewMy Profile

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