Mexico – Part 2

Hi guys, so I thought I’d do Part 2 of my Mexican holiday. (Catch up HERE for Part I)

Ben and me did a few excursions while we were out there. I’m not one for just lying on the beach the entire time and this was a great way to see a bit more of Mexico. One of the things we decided to do was go parasailing.


That’s not us, but it’s what we did!

I was so excited about this. We got to go on a jet ski as well! We were escorted at top speed to the boat where we’d be launched from. I jokingly said to Ben as we were whizzing along “We’re going to have to jump onto the boat while it’s still moving like James Bond, ha ha ha”. Yeah, we actually did. We had to stand up and jump onto the speeding boat and be grabbed by the guys on board. James Bond I was not.

After getting all harnessed up and sorted, three seconds before we were launched up the guy goes “if you want to come down move your arms like this…” and whoosh! we were up. I was left wondering what the hell the arm movement was!!

It was amazing. Looking out at the ocean, the hotels and beach. Incredible. But then I looked down. Jeeze I was scared. I remember saying to Ben “If we fall we’re going to break our legs and die!!” It was so high up. I thoroughly enjoyed it; it was so exhilarating, but I was terrified.

But we survived. Thankfully we didn’t die or break our legs. Hurrah.

One night we decided to go out and boogie a bit We went on a crazy night out to a club called Coco Bongo.

IMG_5345Basically it was a nightclub with a show that went on from 11pm to 3am. And what a show it was! So many different acts and performances by all these dancers. They did songs from Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge…they did recreations of the Batman and Tron fight scenes…songs from Madonna, Beyoncé, Elvis…

Coco Bongo

It was crazy! And we had our own bar waiter who supplied us with never-ending drinks all night!


Pina colada

We got home at 3am…I was shattered. It was very good though. A feast for the eyes!

Another excursion was going for a romantic dinner on a boat from Cancun. P1000152

We both got all dressed up and set off in the afternoon. In retrospect, a longer maxi dress would have been more suitable. Damn it is windy on boats.

Mexican boat trip

There was a saxophone player on board to set the mood

The ladies were given a flower, drinks were on tap and the music was beautiful. But yes it did feel somewhat cheesy!Cheesey romanceBut the sunset was perfect.


And so was the food!

Romantic boat meal

For starters it was Caesar salad. I love Caesar salads so this was perfect. Yum.

For mains, we had the surf and turf: lobster and steak. I’ve never had lobster proper before (I’ve had lobster bisque and lobster in things, but never on its own) so I was quite excited. This came with a jacket potato (in the foil), vegetables and a random bread roll. I ate everything but the bread roll. Though I must admit I finished off Ben’s steak (and vegetable). Amazing. Like I said previously, I am a machine when it comes to food. And for pudding it was cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

All in all, fabulous. And the best part was we saw it cooking on the boat!


Such a lovely night out. If not a little windy! Winking smile

And some random photos that I just had to share:Holiday Extras

The free booze in our room//Elephant towel//Furry friends around the hotel//More towel fun

A truly brilliant holiday with lots of memories made Smile I’d definitely recommend it!

Now business as usual…the holidays (or ‘vacations’– I’m not giving up Christmas!) are officially done and dusted for this year!

What makes a holiday special for you?

What day-trips do you like to do on holiday? We had a bit of everything: thrill-seeking, cultural, bit of partying, food and romance Smile

What’s does romance mean to you? Ben and me are simple people. I don’t need flowers and candles (though that is nice, don’t get me wrong). I just need Ben to listen to me talk running for hours on end and me together, relaxed and having a giggle at something stupid, coming up with our own in-jokes and sayings.

12 Replies to “Mexico – Part 2”

  1. That trip looks amazing!! I need a vacation ASAP. The best trips for me are the ones with all my friends and family..even if that means we are jammed into one room sharing a bathroom 🙂

  2. Anna these pictures are almost too much to bear given the rubbish weather we’ve been ‘enjoying’ this week in dreary Blighty! Bet you want to get straight back out to the sands and sunshine!
    I would have been terrified during parasailing, it sounds great fun and v exhilarating though!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. Looks like you had such a great time! I went parasailing with Nick in Gran Canaria earlier this year, it was so cool but like you I was worried about falling ha! I like to do a mix of relaxing and day trips/walks/active stuff- best of both worlds!

  4. I went to Coco Bongo once, and somehow I wound up on the big screen!! There was a strip tease from some guy dressed up like Beetlejuice, and somehow I got pulled up on stage and he did his strip tease for me. All the cameras were on me and I was on huge screens all over the club. Yikes. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again any time soon, haha!

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever had lobster before! I’ve had many different types of crab, but never lobster. That sounds quite good!

    Oh my that elephant towel would have made me super excited upon walking into the bathroom 🙂

    The photos with the rose are so care-free and fun! I’m glad you two had a great time in Mexico.

  6. Howdy, I hopped over to your webpage via Facebook. Not some thing I typically read through, although I enjoy your views none the less. Thank you for creating some thing worthy of reading through!

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