Being ill sucks and {giveaway winners}

Happy Monday everyone. I’m glad we got that rather nasty little week out of the way. The week where you just resent that you suddenly have to work again after eating mince pies and doing whatever you fancy 😉 The routine is back and we’re go go go again.

After my optimistic post on Thursday about all my lovely workouts planned for Friday and the weekend I promptly became ill. Sod’s law. Throughout Thursday I started feeling worse for wear: achy, tired and just not right. Then after a terribly night’s sleep and a failed attempt at the gym Friday morning (I ended up doing 15 minutes before realising I shouldn’t be aching and sweating as much as I was) before going home and back to bed. I was supposed to be working from home but I just called in sick instead and spent the rest of the day comatose on the sofa under a blanket watching crappy TV and films. How depressing!

Saturday I wasn’t much better (despite sleeping for 12 hours solid!) so Spin was definitely out of the question but I refused to let it ruin the whole day. We’d planned to go to Nando’s and then see The Hobbit with our friend, Nathan (who’s just returned from an epic month-long trip to Indian and Thailand). I wasn’t up for sitting in a cinema for hours so we just did Nando’s instead.

IMG_8973First Nando’s of 2015! It went down very nicely. The waitress laughed at me and my whole chicken but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Serving sizesWe watched two films at home instead: Guardians of the Galaxy (very funny) and XMen: Days of Future Past (love the XMen films and really enjoyed this one). But I struggle with sitting down and not doing much else so I made sure I dragged Ben on lots of walks with Alfie despite not being 100%. I found the fresh air helped a bit, though it did shatter me more than usual. It’s funny because Ben and me are so different in that respect. He can spend the entire day just watching movies or playing the Xbox whereas I can only sit about for a while before I need to get up and do something. I drive Ben mad at times because I’ll get him to a pause something while I go off and do something to stretch my legs. I’m just an antsy person I think.

Sunday I managed to get a workout in the morning as I started feeling better. We had another lazy day (with housework of course…) which basically sums up our weekend! Next weekend will be busier with Ben’s mum’s birthday meal on Saturday evening and also we’ll probably going to the shops. We’ve done a bit of online clothes shopping before our holiday and I imagine we’ll need to take some items back or exchange for different sizes. But I much prefer to do to it this way than go to the shops hunting for clothes. I am not a natural shopper as I get fed up and frustrated. At least online you can just flick through stuff quickly and they usually have your size.

Well I really wish I had more exciting stuff to say but being ill doesn’t really give me much! I’m feeling much better this morning thankfully. Annoyingly I woke up at 4am (whhhhhhhy??) thinking it was almost time to get up (my alarm was set for 5am) and was in that weird hazy dreamy state for an hour so when my alarm did go off it wasn’t hard to get up thankfully. I got in a good hour’s workout and worked up a good sweat (I did a slight variation of my Strength Routine A and my running strength stuff).

And lastly, the two winners of the Nathan hand-held torch light giveaway are *drum roll*:…

Ken C and Liz!

Please can you send me your address to my email and I will have the torches sent to you.

[Full disclosure: I gave each competition entrant a number and then used an online random number selector to determine the winner so it would be a fair selection]

How do you cope being ill? I hate it. I hate not being able to do anything and being useless. I tend to drink lots of squash as well as I find it quite easy on the stomach and comforting!

What restaurants do you always go back to? Nando’s is one of those easy restaurants where it’s close, it’s easy and it’s relatively inexpensive – and they do tasty whole chickens!

What films have you seen lately? I can’t wait to watch some good movies on the plane.

18 Replies to “Being ill sucks and {giveaway winners}”

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been ill 🙁 I suppose with Ben having a nasty bug and being a bit cooped up over Xmas it was quite likely you’d get something. I’m with you on being antsy and always wanting to move – there’s no way I can sit still or lie down for more than 20 minutes at a time without going mad. I suppose it’s a problem for me as my attention span is so short and I’m so hyper in general – I’m so easily distracted it’s hard to get anything done.

    I don’t cope with being ill. I try to push through everything until I make myself extremely sick, but I have it in my mind that if I’m well enough to eat, then I’m well enough to do everything else. Not the best rule, but it’s rock solid in my perception of things.
    Jess recently posted…Sunday Review: Body Attack 87, Body Pump 92 and Body Combat 62My Profile

    1. I have quite a low attention span too I think. Ben can play Xbox games for hours but if I try and play I just get bored quickly. I also can’t watch loads of episodes of series one after another without going mad.
      It was very tempting to push myself when I was ill but I knew it would only set me back further. I was a bit grumpy I must say.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #6My Profile

  2. Oh no…rubbish…I hate being ill. Hope you’re feeling back to normal again soon. 🙂
    I’m exactly the same when it comes to watching things on TV. Dan and I are very into our series but I MUST be doing something else at the same time. That might be eating, knitting (when I made toys for my new nephew last year) or more recently jogging on the spot in the corner of the room to stop my back from stiffening up.
    One place I always go back to for food is Frankie & Benny’s. I think it’s a comfort thing after working there for so long!
    Mary recently posted…Clean no more!My Profile

    1. I used to love knitting – though I’m not as good as you, I can just make blankets haha! It’s very therapeutic.
      I need to go to Frankie and Benny’s as I haven’t been for so long and you always rave about it…
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #6My Profile

  3. That’s rubbish about being ill. Hopefully you are over the worst now. I am an antsy person too- I could never have a pyjama day or lounge about, unless I am really ill- that’s when Andy knows I am ill if I don’t have the energy to get off the sofa!
    Hmm, I have been watching old films recently. Although we saw Box Trolls which was really good- I think that might be newish. I like looking on the website before travelling so I can choose what to watch. Although often they have random documentaries and things that end up being really good.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…teapigs matcha challenge week 1My Profile

    1. Ahh Box Trolls – Mark Kermode did go on a bit about how good (“scrungie”!!) that film was. I bet Ben would enjoy that too.
      I know this is sad but on New Year’s day I was so excited because it meant I could check February’s movies for the flight (as it does the month you’re on and a month ahead) so I could find out what movies would be on the flight home. Such a good list – Paddington, Pride, Gone Girl and Night Crawler!!!
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Rants and Raves #6My Profile

  4. Sorry to hear about being sick!! As someone who just overcame a cold, I know how much being sick sucks. I worked through mine in the gym, but I was only lifting and while it did make me weaker, I didn’t even try to do cardio because I knew I would just keel over! Hope you are back to 100%!!

  5. So totally rubbish that you’ve been poorly… unfortunately there seem to be bugs everywhere! I succumbed first but the rest of the household (and now even our wonderful Childminder) has had it! I agree though, I only manage complete rest if I’m really ill…. even with this one I had one day that I had to have a nap (God bless afternoon naps!) but the rest was carrying on (at a slightly reduced level of effectiveness) whilst feeling dreadful and knackered!

    I’m glad to say I ran last night and although I ache this morning and it wasn’t as fast as it felt at the time (can I blame the strong headwind!), it was great to be moving again..

    Films – well, I am hopeless… probably the last one we saw at the cinema was Postman Pat or the Wolf of Wall Street! At home, Skyfall. I do love a good Bond film. 🙂

    I am SOOO excited about the running torch. I never win anything so this is amazing!

    Liz recently posted…And so it begins…My Profile

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