What Should You Get For Your Next Piercing?

Bit of a different collaborative post today! I only have my belly button pierced but I have been tempted by a crazy ear piercing – like top of the ear or something like that.

Piercings are an incredibly versatile way to change your look depending on your mood. Unlike tattoos, piercings can be removed easily and can heal with no trace expensive removal treatment. If you’re thinking of adding a shiny peice of body modifcation, here is a quickfire guide to help you decide on your next piercing.

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Lots of people get their ears pierced when they’re very young. They are easy to manage and maintain and don’t take a lot of after-care. However, there are plenty of other piercings that can be done on the ears, which can change your look subtly. Piercings like tragus and gold helix piercings can give you a subtle edge to your look. Cost-wise these can vary from about 5 pounds to £25 after-care can be as simple as a saline solution swab, and slight rotation. Lobe earrings can be removed and changed after six weeks, but cartilage piercings take a little longer to heal. 


Within some cultures, a nose piercing is a right of passage into womanhood. Whether you choose a subtle gem stud or a more noticeable ring, nose piercings really do suit most people. A trustworthy Piercer would charge between £25 and £45 with free after-care. Most nostril piercings are initially fixed with a hooked stud which needs to be left for at least eight weeks before changing the jewellery. Of course, nasal embellishments don’t have to stop at the nostril. A septum piercing is edgy and can easily be hidden away when you don’t want it on display. This type of piercing would cost around £50, including after-care.

Body piercing

Bellybutton and nipple piercings are a more intimate type of body modification which may not be seen by everybody on a day-to-day basis. Bellybutton piercings were particularly popular in the late 1990s and early to thousands when low rise jeans and crop tops were at the height of fashion. However, with lots of people opting for belly covering high-rise jeans, the popularity of the belly peircing has decreased.


Of course, we cannot explore types of piercing without looking at micro dermal piercings. Micro dermal piercings are placed surgically to the surface of the skin. They can be done anywhere, to the face to the shoulders to the small of your back. However, due to them being on the surface of the skin, they are not permanent and can leave scars. Another type of temporary piercing is the corset piercing— Where two lines of rings Create the look of a Corset Going down the body. Mainly used for alternative photo shoots, the rings are tied together with a thin ribbon. Both of these piercings are incredibly delicate and require care to prevent pain if they get caught on clothing!

As with any piercing, it is most important to make sure that you go to a licenced qualified piercing practitioner, as doing this piercing in the wrong way can lead to infections- which not only hurt but can cause lasting damage to the skin.

Have you got any piercings?

13 Replies to “What Should You Get For Your Next Piercing?”

  1. My mum (who has no piercings) would never let me get my ears pierced when all my friends were, but once I moved out of home I got the standard earlobe piercing – such a rebel lol! That’s all I have, but used to sometimes toy with a second earlobe piercing. It actually popped into my head again recently as my brother-in-law just got his single earlobe piercing done again after letting it heal up years ago.
    Allison recently posted…Week in Review – Summer Holidays Week 4My Profile

  2. I had my ears pierced when I was about 11, that was it until I had my bellybutton pierced when I was in the 6th form. I *may* have had a couple of drinks and ended up in the Dodgy Oasis (Brummies will understand this reference) having my bellybutton pierced. I lived in low rise jeans in the late 90s and wore crop tops and shorts when I ran.
    I seem to remember having to take out my bellybutton piercing when I got back from travelling around New Zealand. My jeans rubbed on the long flight home and that was the end of the piercing.
    I also had a second ear piercing done above my original childhood piercing and the top of my ear pierced (really painful from what I can remember). I had to remove all my piercings when I joined the fire brigade which was a little disappointing as everything healed up really quickly.
    I don’t think I’d be brave enough to have another piercing done now!
    Emma recently posted…Rants and raves #39My Profile

  3. My mum wouldn’t let me get my ears pierced until I was 16, and then when I was 17 I got my upper ear pierced even though the normal ear piercing hurt so much (one of my friends got hers done at the same time so we only paid once as between us we had one set of earrings!- quality place). I’ve let them all heal though as even the supposedly non reactive metals made my ears itch and sore.

  4. I had my ears pierced but my lobes just really didn’t get on with it. Plus my hair would keep getting caught in the earring. I decided to take them out and just wear a stud instead. It was a lot easier and I didn’t have to worry about the earrings getting caught in my hair. I had to take them out because they were causing me pain too.
    Rowa recently posted…Can I get re-pierced in the same spot?My Profile

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