Sun and Socks

Ahh British summer, thank you for making another appearance. I expect it won’t last but this weekend has been fabulous. So, thank you. We appreciate it.

I was so grateful for the lovely weather as it meant when my university friends came down for a quick visit we could enjoy the sunshine to its full extent along our local beach.


This might not be a beach of white soft sands and flawless turquoise waves, but it’s pretty good for a 15 minute drive away.

Let’s roll back a bit to the stress of trying to get all the housework done before they arrived Saturday morning. Yes I’m a perfectionist. Getting in late Friday night didn’t help much either! And having taps which really show up the marks kills me every week.


Seriously people, I have to polish the damn things otherwise it looks rubbish.

But anyway, I managed to get everything done and dusted (ha, pun intended) by the time they arrived and then we got to catch-up, which is always lovely. And they got me some lovely birthday pressies as well. I feel very spoilt! They know me so well… special G&T glasses, a chopping board, a running book, beautiful scarf and a lemon chopper/bottle opener…


Seriously, how cool?

And then we headed to to Osborne View, a local pub right on the seafront.


I had a very tasty meal of butternut squash ‘crumble’ with feta cheese and chips.


Amazing. It all went down very nicely!

Then we had a lovely walk along the beach and checked out the very cool houses (which probably cost a small entire fortune).


Nice, right? But not very private considering all those windows!

Sunday morning was time for a long run. I was planning on doing at least six miles but really wanted to do nine. I have a route where it gets to four miles and then forks to go back home for six miles or goes on for nine or ten. I was going to decide at four how I was feeling (due to my niggle in my leg).

It still feels uncomfortable and not 100% and I don’t feel like I’ve got my speed back up to scratch BUT it didn’t hurt and as I got into the run it became easier. Hurrah!


I’m not going to start celebrating just yet though…I’m planning on running again Tuesday and I think that’ll be the big test to see if it’s still OK.

After running, Ben and me headed off to a local running shop so Ben could replace his NINE YEAR OLD trainers and get his gait analysed. Seriously.


I also got some compression socks. I’ve been wondering about compression socks for ages. I think the jury’s out whether they make you run faster but apparently they’re great for recovery. My calves tend to ache a bit after long runs so I’m hoping they’ll improve that and I might even try them during long runs. I got CEP run compression socks. I’ll let you know what I think.

The rest of Sunday was walking Alfie and this:


Perfect Sunday afternoon in my eyes!

Have you ever tried compression socks? Do you wear them when you run? Do you find they help you’re running or just recovery?

What’s your perfect Sunday afternoon?

Do you go to the beach when it’s sunny? To be honest, I’m not a huge beach fan but I do like the occasional day to walk along the beach and eat an ice lolly. I couldn’t lay in the sun all day long though. I like going for walks in the sunshine.

19 Replies to “Sun and Socks”

  1. A beach is a beach in my eyes! Glad you were able to have such a beautiful sunshining (yes I’m fully aware that’s not a word Ha Ha) weekend while your girlfriends were visiting!

  2. Sounds like you had a fab weekend 🙂 I was so happy the sun was shining too – I hope it stays around for longer! If it’s sunny I love to go for a long bike ride at the weekend, but if it’s stormy and/or rainy then the perfect afternoon is spent snuggled up on the sofa with a good book or a DVD – guilt free! 🙂

  3. Enjoy that beautiful weather Anna! I hope it lasts awhile for you.

    I’ve never used compression socks, but when my brother got shin splints I remembered reading on Live Laugh Eat where Allie used them to help with her running pains… So I showed my mom, she bought my brother a pair, and boy did they help! Got to love blogs 🙂

    That butternut crumble sounds absolutely amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that before!

  4. hahahha omg 9 years old?! Hilarious. Also that butternut crumble looks downright amazing.

  5. I LOVE my compression socks. I got them when I was marathon training and wore them after a long run- they helped so much. I forgot to put them on after the marathon and when I remembered (hours later) and put them on there was almost instant relief. It is a bit like a constant gentle massage from the pressure. I wish they did ones for thighs too to help my hamstrings!

    1. After wearing them on Sunday after my run I’m sold. The next day I felt nothing in my calves it was amazing. My thighs were another story.Yep I wish they made ones for thighs too!!

  6. That beach looks so lovely in the sunshine! That butternut crumble sounds pretty damn good too 🙂 I love watching a movie and baking or roasting something on a Sunday afternoon, that definitely makes me happy!

  7. Pretty beach! I live in a gloomy climate, too, and when the sun comes it’s much appreciated! And Happy Birthday, those were birthday presents that you got, right?

  8. Those houses are gorgeous! And the butternut crumble sounds amazing, especially with feta! Feta makes everything better haha.

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