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So a while ago I did a post on comparing High5 electrolyte tablets and nuun electrolyte tablets. I came to the conclusion that I preferred the High5 tablets because they had the added caffeine, which I always found helped me.

I like to have a coffee before a race as I find it wakes me up and I’m motivated to run fast. But if I have a regular run in the morning (oh I wish…) then I wouldn’t have time for this coffee as I just want to get out and go and having coffee sloshing about isn’t pleasant. If it was a long run (over 10 miles) I usually take two small water bottles (like 300mls each) and hold them in my hands. I’m strange in that I quite like holding things in my hand when I run. For the Paris marathon I held three gels. It’s quite reassuring to me, not sure why. Especially gels as they’re squidgy 🙂

Anyway, I digress. In those two water bottles I’ll put an electrolyte tablet (half in each) to help with the electrolyte balance and the caffeine. After I did my review, nuun contacted me to say actually they do have caffeine versions and would I like to try some? Well of course!


The flavours I was sent sounded a bit quirky but actually I quite liked them: Kona Kola and Cherry Limeade. Exactly as I said in the previous review post, you just pop one tablet into about 500ml of water and let it dissolve.

Nuun TabletEach tube contains 12 tablets and each tablet gives 360mg of sodium, 100mg of potassium, 25mg of magnesium and interestingly 13mg of calcium. Really low in carbs and zero sugar (8 calories per tablet). Not too shabby, eh! Also the caffeine hit is 40g so solves my caffeine issue.

For our 41 mile bike ride we did on Sunday, Ben and me each took a 500ml bottle with a nuun tablet in it (I went for the Kona Kola flavour as that’s my favourite out of the two and Ben loves the cherry). It was a rally good way to make sure we stayed hydrated during the ride. Especially as we were quickly dashing out for a walk afterwards and it was quite a warm day. What was good was that because it was caffeinated it helped with not having had any coffee in the morning before we left.

Yes nuun are more expensive than High5 electrolyte tablets but I honestly prefer nuun. And I was SO excited to find out that nuun now do a watermelon flavour. I am currently addicted to watermelon – buying one every week as a treat at the weekend (I say treat only because they’re quite expensive and such a faff to cut). I’d quite like to get one of the nuun water bottles for my bike as well as they just look cool (yeah turning into a weird nuun fan I guess). Anyway, if you like the sound of nuun you can buy from their website HERE or other online sports shops like Wiggle or ProBikeKit. Happy drinking!

Do you use electrolyte tablets?

Which is your favourite sports nutrition brand?

Have you tried nuun products before?

***Full Disclosure: I was sent these products for free to review. The links in this post are no affiliated links. All opinions are my own***

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  1. Well you know I love nuun- I think the flavours are much nicer as they are subtle (and I am not a fan of squash). Although recently the flavours I like have not been in stock on wiggle so I have had to choose a few different ones.
    I saw the watermelon flavour was coming to the UK too- how exciting! I always see it on their US facebook page (not sure why I still have that) and then get envious of all their flavours!
    I recommended them to my Dad as he goes on long bike ride holidays and in September is going Prague to Venice- he said that on holidays before he would ride all day, get back to the hotel and be really thirsty but wait for dinner, so he is taking some nuun tabs with him to have in water during the day or when they arrive in the evening.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Weekend working outMy Profile

    1. I wasn’t sure about the cola flavoured one to start with when I read the label but I really like it. The cherry I’m not so fussed about but I think that could be because I’m not a big cherry flavour fan. I haven’t really had a look at the US flavours…It’s like Ben and Jerry’s where America just have SO many amazing flavour options (red velvet???)
      I think that’s a great idea for your dad. It really helps because I find otherwise I drink too much water and it sloshes about. So it’s better to drink a little of the good stuff instead.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Where’s my head at? Marathon woesMy Profile

  2. I found this really interesting as I’ve never used any of these (never really needed to) and when I did my duathlon a while (3 years!) ago, I made a homemade energy drink which was a disaster as it simply made me far too thirsty!

    On the subject of watermelons… I LOVE them, the totally got me through last summer when it was hot and I was ‘with enormous baby bump’ but I agree about the price… However, my wonderful fruit and veg man from Hedge End Hilliers Garden Centre sells them for £1.99 which is a bargain compared to Sainsburys! He’s only there Weds, Fri and Saturdays at the moment but he’ll soon be there 7 days which is the best news!!
    Liz recently posted…The Final CountdownMy Profile

    1. Oh yeah I need to see this guy to have a gander at his stock. I love fruit and veg and I much prefer if it’s seasonal and local.
      I definitely recommend these tablets for when it’s really hot and you’re doing a longish distance. Or for Endure/Ultra events because it’s an easier way to hydrate without drinking huge amounts of water and basically washing through your system.
      AnnaTheApple recently posted…Where’s my head at? Marathon woesMy Profile

  3. How lovely that they got in touch and sent you some caffeine ones. I’m not a lover of coffee…and I don’t like tea…I’m the worst teacher ever, – no tea breaks for me! So I don’t really see the fuss about a caffeine hit in the morning, although I’m tempted to try these nuun tablets just to see if it makes a difference. I love the nuun tabs I was sent and I intend on continuing to use them on my long runs and races as they’re not too sweet like squash or most sports drinks are. Also, incredibly excited about the watermelon flavour! 🙂
    Mary recently posted…The wedding morningMy Profile

    1. It makes me sad that you never enjoy a lovely cup of freshly brewed tea on a cold winter morning… 😉 It’s such a British thing (and like you said, a teacher thing) I’m so surprised, but each to their own of course!

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