**Finally my blog is back to working normally – apologies to anyone having difficulties accessing the site before**

Hi guys! This week has been crazy. I feel like every second I’m doing something. The week before going on holiday is always a bit mental I think.

Every night getting in I’ve been packing a little bit more, doing clothes washing like crazy, sorting things, cleaning things…been a bit manic. But we’re almost there.

I’ve managed to squeeze in two spin sessions (Tuesday night and Wednesday night) as well. I kept Monday as a complete day off as I was shattered after Sunday’s half marathon. The way Ben and me were walking would have been quite funny if it hadn’t ached as much as it did. We were both fairly broken.

Tonight I hope to go to running club but I’m not sure if I’m going to make it as I still have a fair bit to get organised and cleaned (I’m a compulsive cleaner – I have to have everything clean and tidy before we leave). We’ll see!

Checking the weather for Mexico every five minutes is a little depressing:


Unbelievable! But we’re not too bothered because we’re not ‘lying on the beach all day’ people. I fully intend to go off and do some shopping exploring and things like that. And the all-inclusive food and drink might help distract me too Open-mouthed smile

I really want to do some running when I’m away as well. Lots of easy, long, slow runs where pace is inconsequential and just enjoying the rain scenery. I can’t wait. I’m genuinely excited about this. The only thing that will stop me is if I feel at any time my groin/hip/whatever doesn’t feel right. It’s felt a bit achy since Sunday so I haven’t run on it at all this week so tonight will be a good test! I won’t be too annoyed if it doesn’t happen though – I’m so relaxed about this holiday. I just can’t wait to get away from it all (as they say) and chill!

I just wish I could take my foam roller with me…

foam roller

It’s a bit big though. Could you imagine what airport security would say? Haha.

I’m sure I can rest my ice cold cocktails on my legs and it’ll be fine Winking smile

In terms of packing, I’ve got all my new clothes ready in the suitcase:

Holiday clothes

From left to right, long dresses from New Look, skirt from H&M (sales! Bargain!), black dress from Dorothy Perkins, floral-print dress from New Look, shorts Dorothy Perkins (sale!) and flip-flops from the only shops in the world that still sold flip-flops this time of year Accessorize.

Luckily I’ve also borrowed two pairs of my mum’s flip-flops as well (we have the same size feet and has similar flip-flop preferences, i.e. pretty gemmed ones). You can never have enough flip-flops and they’re so easy to pack!

I’ve created so many lists it’s unbelievable!

To do list (clean bathrooms, hoover, wash bedding…), don’t forget list (charge Kindle, charge camera, remind Dad to pick up Alfie), and pack list (bikinis, hair straighteners, Garmin…), last check list (heating off, empty kettle – is that just me? – taps off, windows locked…).


I’m not going to be blogging when I’m on holiday. I’m just going to take a blog-vacation I hope you don’t mind. I will fill you in on all the cocktails I drank amazing things I hope to have done though (fingers crossed!). I’ll be reading blogs though Smile

See you in two weeks!

Do you make lists? I make lists for everything: meal plans, chores, shopping…

What do you look for in a holiday? Hot weather? Scenic views? City sites? Culturally interesting? I love getting on and doing stuff in a holiday. Whether that’s water sports, mountain biking, shopping or looking round historic sites, I love it! I can spend half a day on the beach doing nothing until I get bored.

Do you run/work out when you go on holiday? I’ve never run before but I really like the idea of running round a foreign country! Sounds exciting.

20 Replies to “Adios!”

  1. I am a total list FREAK. Ive got a planner that I write in everyday, I write to do lists for work, and I do lists for groceries/packing ect. I just like to be organized 🙂 The clothes you’ve got look super cute!! I really like the dresses

  2. I LIVE by to-do-lists! I always have so much going through my head that I need to complete I have to get it down somewhere before I forget!
    Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain for the whole time you’re away. I’m sure it will clear up at some point…hopefully! 🙂 You definitely have the right view for a holiday. Holidays should be all about taking it as it comes, and not making too many plans – I always end up getting stressed out if I try and plan too much before I go away.
    Hope you have an amazing break! 🙂

  3. You don’t know how freaked out I was when I didn’t see any updates from you and I found your blog not working… Not scared for your life or anything like that, I was just worried that you had stopped blogging!

    Well, with that worry out of the way I can wish you the best on your anniversary trip! We will be on the same continent soon 😀 You will be having some awesome warm weather in Mexico and I’ll be sending a personal note to the weather deities to give you a break on the rain 😉

  4. Have an amazing time! Even if it is raining it looks like it will be warm so sightseeing will still be nice- might be like Florida with afternoon rain to clear the air?
    Yes, I make lists and clean before a holiday- also we turn off most of the plugs which then always confuses us when we get back, put the kettle on and are still waiting half an hour later!
    That New Look dress is so pretty 🙂

  5. Have an amazing vacation!! And I wouldn’t be too worried about the weather, I’m assuming it’s tropical weather where it says it will rain but it will rain for like 20 minutes and then be done. 🙂 That’s how it was when we were in Jamaica. Congrats on one year!!

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