5 Mile Beer & Cake Race

Hi guys, so as I mentioned previously I ran a 5 mile race at the weekend. It was another fairly small race (just over 300 runners) with lots of members from local running clubs – in fact it was hosted by the Romsey Road Runners running club. So there were lots of friendly and familiar faces about.

On the morning of the race, my parents, Di (MIL) and my granddad came over ready for us all to convoy together as they were going to support and cheer us on. In the kerfuffle to get out of the house I realised en route I’d forgotten water. PANIC. OK I don’t need water to run with but I could feel the heat and sun already and knew I needed something before the race.

We judged we had enough time too quickly veer off our route to get to a shop (at that point we were very close to the race). But we soon found that being 9.50am it meant nothing was open! The race starts at 10.30am. Anyway we found an Aldi and I waited outside until it opened then dashed inside and bought a drink. Then dashed back out to the car. 10.05am

Then we headed to the car park. Obviously we then got stuck in temporary traffic lights as you do when you’re in a rush. 10.10am

Get to the car park, find Ben and head to the loos for absolutely necessary last pee (how ironic, I’m late to fill my body with liquid, then even more late to empty myself). 10.18am.

Still queuing 10.25am. I just wanted to shout, PEOPLE, PEE FASTER!! I guess it was some relief that others were in the same situation.

Pee 10.28am. Get out and RUN to the start where the organisers have just started addressing the runners. OMG. How stressed am I at this point! My heart is going and we haven’t even started!!

Then we’re off. It was some relief that I was running as at one point I thought I wouldn’t make it. Several ladies overtook me and this panicked me a little (stupid I know). But this motivated me to keep them in my sights.

The first mile was great. I looked at my watch and was happy with the pace and happy with how my legs felt. And also my left foot as since Thursday’s run it’s been painful on the inner side (just under the arch). I’ve been doing lots of ‘bottle rolling’ (as my foam roller is too big) on it and this has provided a bit of relief but not entirely.


The second mile and I’d manage to overtake some of the ladies from the start and I was feeling good. It was tough as races always are, but I was confident that I could keep going at a good pace. Depressingly though I past the ‘Four Mile’ sign as we were due to loop back later (don’t you just hate that??).


The third mile a few hills appeared. Head down, keep going.

The fourth mile I caught up (gradually) with a guy from my running club and we swapped gasping pleasantries, as you do. We pushed each on past a few people and then hit another hill. He told me to go on as he was slowing down.

The last mile I was starting to feel the heat and it was becoming tough. But I was still feeling strong.


The finish was off on a cricket pitch and deceptively looked closer than it was. I prematurely started to sprint then realised I was too soon and held back until it was more sensible. And then finished! My official time was 34.21, and I came second female overall. I’m over the moon with this as I wasn’t sure how well I’d do after my long run the day before.


Ben also did amazingly. He did it in 41.09, which was better than he expected too!


Love my family’s support!


Aaaaaand the best part of the race? The runners get a little token to get a slice of cake and a beer!!


Ahhhh-mazing. I was literally dancing around waiting for Ben to finish so I could drag him to get cake. I couldn’t get a slice of cake without him!


I chose a big slab of raspberry sponge. I decided to save it till later as food straight after running never does me any favours. But I’m glad I got there when I did as the raspberry sponge was one of the popular ones and ran out quickly!!


I gave my beer to my dad and my granddad to share (though my cheeky dad managed to wrangle another glass of beer himself later).


Though saying that, I managed to wrangle another slice of cake… I’d sensibly brought a little box with me from home as I knew I wouldn’t fancy the cake straight away (nor did Ben) so we both put our cake stash in the box safely to take home and scoff enjoy.

Then we hung around chatting to other runners and running club members and I found out there were prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. I hadn’t even realised! I also spoke to the first girl and she had a time of 32 something. That’s amazing!! There’s no way in hell I could have beaten her but I was very inspired.

In the end I got a little trophy.


And I even managed to get in the local papers as our running club was only started last November so this is great result for them.


This was a brilliant run. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really well organised, lovely atmosphere and such a great novel idea of the cakes and beer.

Compared to last week’s 10k it was miles better (though around one mile less…haha sorry, lame). Psychologically I think it helped to think it was one mile left. Suddenly 3 miles wasn’t half way but only 2 miles from the end. That kinda thing.

And this weekend? Well…maybe I’ll squeeze in another cheeky 10k. It would be rude not to! Winking smile Though first off I’m in for a sports massage this afternoon. All in effort of injury prevention!!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Medals or cakes: what would you run for?

What’s your preferred racing distance? Mine is still a half marathon. It’s longer but you have more time to ‘get into it’.

Do you panic if you’re late to a race? I need like 30 minutes beforehand to chill and collect myself. Not 2 minutes!!

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21 Replies to “5 Mile Beer & Cake Race”

  1. Well done one the race! I think 5k is a nice distance as well as 10k. I would love to work my way up to a marathon one day, but that is far far in the future.

  2. Girl you killed it!! Those times are incredible!!
    And Im not a runner, but I would do almost anything for cake 😉

  3. What an awesome race concept! I would definitely run for some cake right about now! 😉

  4. Enjoy that massage! You deserve it with all of the racing you’ve been doing. So crazy that you got second girl. 🙂 Great job!

  5. Wow well done you are doing so well with your running 🙂
    I panic loads if I am not at the race with plenty of time to spare, but I also hate (HATE) using the port-a-loos so I will generally take tissue with me (just in case) but try to convince myself I don’t need to join the queue.
    I love a medal to keep but cake sounds fab. I think at my half this weekend we get an ice lolly which may be well needed if the weather forecast is at all accurate!

    1. You’re good to convince yourself. I just can’t. It’s on my mind and I have to go through the motions regardless. Ice lollies are such a good idea. Refreshing and tasty.

  6. You are seriously a ROCKSTAR. Amazing race and amazing time!! Second female overall, I’m not the least bit surprised. And cake at the end of the race sounds like sheer brilliance!

  7. 1. your blog just made my day. I eat at least one (but more like 2-3) apples a day. FREAKING love them.
    2. You are SUPER speedy! Way to go rockstar 😉

  8. CONGRATS on the strong second place finish, girl!!! I think it’s about time for you to consider running at a professional level – seriously! You’re placing in the top three of all of these races…You could go places! 😀

    Do I HAVE to choose between cake and medals? I want both! Okay, fine….CAKE! Just kidding, as much as I love the sweet stuff, I think I’d go for the medal, because I’d be able to gawk over it the rest of my life. 😉 The cake would be gone in a flash! Ideal situation: both, just as you had. 🙂

    My favorite racing distance is definitely a 10k, as it’s long enough to feel like it actually happened, but short enough to not exhaust me. When I start running again, I have my sights sent on a half marathon, though. It’s on my bucket list, so it must be done! I’ll know who to turn to for tips when that time comes. 😉

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Anna! <3 xoxo

    1. I’m not so certain I could be professional – these races aren’t huge. But it does inflate my ego a bit haha.
      I think medal over cake most of the time is my preference but it was a nice change. It’s nice to have a memento to remember it by.
      Yes do a half marathon!! 😀

  9. I would most definitely run for cakes! I hate that feeling when you are running late and getting stressed its awful. well done on coming second!

  10. Great job, Anna!!!!!!!! You should feel so proud. That is an AWESOME accomplishment 😀

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