How stress is controlled with martial arts

Hey guys! I’ve got a really interesting guest post today about martial arts. It’s not something that I’ve ever really tried before (aside form a few token Judo lessons as a child). It sounds fascinating though, I hope you enjoy Smile

Stress is only something natural in us and it quite frankly comes down to how we deal with situations when we are overwhelmed with stress. I know a lot of my friends told me that martial arts actually helps them with stress and they’ve also learned how to control it. With this information I wanted to find out more about it.


I’ve been to a few kickboxing classes but never really understood the deeper knowledge of the art. Sure, a good healthy workout routine can help take your mind off things, but Martial arts has been a proven exercise that does all that and more. There are many types of Martial arts but I discovered that Tai chi is more based on spiritual ideas that promotes a need for balance in the body, mind, and spirit. It is a graceful form that uses slow hands and slow movements in the body which does wonders for the health and body too.

To give you a better understanding how, every Tai Chi movement consist of some sort of stretch, rotation and twisting of the muscles which helps to release tension in the body. Through these movements it pays attention to the connection between the mind and the body which can relieve stress, fight diseases, and enhance physical well-being. There are other Martial art forms out there like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Judo and more which you can learn more about at Martial Tribes. However, if you’re thinking that you need to become seriously healthy and put some zen into your life, then give Tai Chi a try, as it consists of components which can help improve quality of life and has plenty of health benefits.

chinese do taichi outside

You will find that when practicing Tai Chi, it works on all of the major muscle groups and joints and these are needed for the slow, gentle movements. After a few sessions of this low-impact, weight-bearing exercise, it will improve balance, agility, strength, flexibility, stamina, muscle tone, and coordination. A lot of seniors practice this art because it’s easy to get into and it’s effective and does the health wonders. It just shows that we should start earlier.

There are some people who don’t realise how important breathing is when you’re working out and it’s often ignored. When you perform deep breathing, it enhances blood circulation to the brain, which boosts mental alertness, and this simple practice supplies the entire body with fresh oxygen and nutrients. When you exhale stale air from the lungs and then inhale a lot of fresh air, this will increase your lung capacity and releases tension. This kind of breathing technique successfully helps you to balance and control your body and your mind by connecting the two.

During inhalation and exhalation, a form of energy is being allowed to complete a path of circulation through your whole body, and this makes your body connect to your mind.
Other exercises like yoga as well as martial arts shows that meditation soothes the mind and enhances concentration. To be able to concentrate and focus will give your mind clear thoughts and reduces anxiety, you will even find yourself being more productive and getting things done. Staying calm and being able to control the stress you’re dealing with will give you a peaceful mind which then lowers blood pressure and heart rate meaning a happier you.

Have you ever done martial arts before?

Do you believe spirituality should come into play when exercising?

Do you find it hard to de-stress