eGlove Review and Comparison

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by eGlove (well, actually the husband of a lovely fellow runner friend) asking if I’d like to review their gloves for my blog. After finding out a bit more about them I agreed and was sent a rather nifty black pair.

The gloves are designed to be worn when running (though obviously not exclusively, you could use them walking or doing other sports, such as horse riding or cycling) and due to their special design you can operate your iPhone, Samsung or other touchscreen device while wearing them.

As someone who listens to podcasts when both running and walking I find it immensely annoying to have to remove my gloves to use my phone, especially if I’m mid run or if it’s very cold. In any running gloves I buy I specifically look for this touchscreen design now. Previous to trying the eGloves I was using my Nike gloves.

They too have the special design that allows you to still access your phone.

As I have both gloves I thought it would be interesting to do a little comparison. The Nike gloves cost approximately £7. They’re comfy, lightweight and do indeed work with my phone. However they are not really that suitable when it’s really cold. I found on a cold morning my fingers were numb despite wearing the gloves. Also the touch screen device can be a bit temperamental which is highly frustrating. They’re not perfect but they do look rather stylish and you can get them in different colours. They also have a little pocket on the palm to put your key.

The eGloves are very thin and lightweight BUT are a lot more warm than the Nikes, possibly because they’re slightly looser which creates a bit more of a vacuum between your skin and the cold air outside (or something science-y like that) and they have a thermal feel with a tight cuff to keep the warmth in.

The gloves also have a non-slip design on the palms so it stops the danger of your expensive smartphone sliding out of your hands. This is a genuine concern for me, the clumsiest girl on the planet (!), especially with running. If my podcast needs changing or I want to take a photo mid-run I don’t want in danger of dropping my phone.

They are more expensive at £24.99 though (however, there are different colours which are cheaper on the website). That said, they do exactly what they say on the tin and I can honestly say I prefer them to the Nikes.

They also do a whole range of different gloves, including ones specifically for snowboarding/skiing and cycling.

Do you wear gloves when running in the cold?

Do you look for gloves that can be used with your smartphone?

**Full Disclaimer: I was sent the gloves for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own honest ones.**