World’s Best Sundae and heart rate monitoring

Breathe, it’s almost Friday!! I still feel so behind with everything – it’s crazy how a holiday can do that to you. I’ve been bugging Ben to write his race recap of his marathon so I’m hoping to have that coming up soon, apologies for the delay. Boys, eh!

Anyway, last weekend Ben and me enjoyed two very nice meals. On the Friday night we went to Ben’s mum’s house and had a second turkey dinner. I do love them. And some fruit salad with ice cream to finish. Yum! No photos as I completely forgot, but all the trimmings as standard πŸ˜‰

On the Saturday we didn’t do a huge amount. I tested out one of my gadgets at the gym for Spin in the morning. My Polar FT7 heart rate monitor watch. I’m obsessed. I love numbers. What with no running and having weekly mileages, pace per mile, distance etc. I don’t have much to get me excited in terms of numbers. But I’ve seen these Polar watches on different blogs (Laura did a great review) and so I was quite keen to get one.

I’ve never tracked my heart rate when exercising. And now suddenly having this number on my wrist, well I was quite excited about it! So I tested it out on Spin.

Spin HR

While I was spinning it was telling me my HR (and it connected to the LiveStrong spin bike as well so I didn’t need to look at my watch at all, just the mini screen on the bike). Then afterwards it told me calories burnt and average HR, max HR and how long I’d spent in ‘Fat Burning’ zone and the ‘Fitness’ zone. I am aiming to stay in the fitness zone as much as possible because this is my goal, not fat or weight loss. The HR strap around my chest was very comfy as well.

It’s also great because I can see when I’m really not trying that hard – there’s no escaping your heart rate!

[**I wasn’t sponsored for this review – I just love it!**]

So the second meal we had was Sunday. We went out for lunch with my parents last minute. We chose a local pub we always go to, The Osborne View.

Family meal Osborne View

The sign behind my parent’s say “Impeccable: having immunity to woodpeckers” and “Heroes: what a guy in a boat does” Hehe

 I was like a bottomless pit!! We shared a mezze board between the four of us and had starters as well. I got Asian chicken wings. Oh my life these were good. Crispy and sticky. For main I went for a chicken, bacon and avocado salad (I love me some chicken).

Osborne View meal

But the piece de resistance…the pudding of 2014 (seriously, this has set some high expectations for the rest of the year)…salted caramel popcorn pretzel sundae. You heard me right.


Toffee ice cream, salted caramel sauce, popcorn and pretzels

Ben got it too. It’s funny because he usually struggles with three course so I was a little hopeful I might get some of his sundae as well as my own (hi my name’s Anna, I’m the food MACHINE). But there was no way in hell he wasn’t going to finish. Damn. We both looked at each other afterwards like “that was amazing”. Needless to say I was ready to be rolled home.

Good start to 2014 πŸ˜€

What’s the best dessert you’ve ever had?

What’s your favourite restaurant? I love a good traditional British pub.

Have you ever tracked your heart rate while exercising before?

25 Replies to “World’s Best Sundae and heart rate monitoring”

  1. Dan can never manage a dessert either. I’m always happy with a starter and dessert, but he sticks to starter and main and then I feel guilty for having something sweet afterwards (but still fully enjoy it!) I’m a massive fan of mezze boards and sharing dishes. My friend Amy is fab for going out to dinner with. We always put our dishes in the middle and share everything.
    My absolute favourite dessert is eton mess. I love fresh strawberries in anything!

  2. I LOVE my polar watch!! Ive got the pink one, and I use it everyday. The strap never bothers me, although I definitely thought that it would, which is a relief!

  3. Wowza. The caramel and pretzels sound amazing in that sundae. Definitely one of the most creative I have ever seen! (Well, a peanut butter jelly version takes #1 for that, but I actually think yours SOUNDS good. Lol). I’ve never thought to put popcorn on ice cream before though!

    Aww. Double date pictures! πŸ˜‰ Glad you all had a good time.

    I think I’ve checked my heart rate a few times, but I feel like it can be kind of misleading depending on the length of the workout, and then what exactly it entails. Like– I may be sweating a ton and super sore the next day from a strength workout but my heart rate wouldn’t be as high as say for a run or something,… but may burn the same number of calories. I’m not sure if that really makes sense. Haha. But that’s my *completely unprofessional and not to be trusted* opinion.

    1. I’ve never had popcorn in ice cream either! I reckon Ben & Jerry’s should come up with a ‘movie’ themed ice cream with popcorn and sweets in. I’d buy that for sure!
      Yep I totally agree about strength – I can do a really physically hard strength routine but it won’t impact my HR massively. Just my muscles!

  4. That sundae looks insanely good Anna. I now have an insane craving for popcorn ice cream! Interesting that you have a heart rate monitor, when I went to the gym regularly I was considering one but never got round to it. Happy weekend!

  5. I had (still have I think) a HRM but the strap was so annoying, and it often would not pick up my heart rate, and then half way on my run it would start beeping at me because I was too high or outside of the zone or something, and I could not work out how to set it properly. So I ended up using the watch as a watch (this was when I was doing run/walks) and then Andy got me a Nike+ band so it got replaced. I do find it interesting but when I started running it was erring on the side of caution as it really didn’t want me to run that much at all. Maybe I was just awfully unfit back then!
    I like Italian places the best- a proper pizza cooked in a brick oven.

    1. I did a lot of googling to understand where my HR should be and for different effort levels, like a long run effort, or a 5k effort. I’m hoping this will translate into my running when I’m back at it!

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