Taking a tumble in running


Nothing better than waking up Friday morning knowing it’s the weekend the next day. That’s pretty much the hardest part done, right? Sort of? I have spin Friday mornings which I currently have a love-hate relationship so it’s usually after that that I start celebrating. Today I quite enjoyed the session. I got the resistance right on the bike (last week I did it way too tough and really struggled to hit the RPMs) and felt like the time flew by. Got a spinning high I think!

Last night I went out with running club for our usual medium run (though I added a mile warm up before and a mile cool down after) around some local trails. We went on a new route and honestly it was brilliant. I felt really strong and speedy.


I like the trail runs as it’s so varied. We’re on road, then off-road, on a path, on the grass, in the forest…which I guess explains why the pace is all over the place. It’s brilliant.

Lately I’ve been really trying to work on my running form. I’ve been reading some articles and watching YouTube videos to help improve my form. For example, not over-stride my leg outside my centre of gravity, not bend at the hip…that kinda stuff.

Good running form


Interesting stuff! But it makes running a bit more of a mental thing. I was constantly trying to keep everything ship-shape. It requires a bit of concentration. Work in progress!

But unfortunately while running I managed to fall over a tree stump. *sighs* Maybe if I’d have spent a bit more time watching where I was going than checking how I was running I wouldn’t have fallen haha.

Runnign tumble injury

Please ignore my attire…PJs and compression socks post running and shower are an essential requirement Winking smile

OK maybe not the best picture, but basically I’ve scraped all along my thigh. A very superficial injury but very painful as a load of skin has been scratched off. So annoying as well as this is the leg that I need to do lots of foam rolling on for my IT band. *sighs*

Anyway, it was more embarrassing than painful at the time. One of the other guys also took a tumble on the run as well and he hit his face which looked very painful! Crazy.

Moving on to food. I completely forgot to blog about this at the time so I just have to do it now. My lovely and amazing big sister baked me a cake the other weekend. She has suddenly got into baking and is whipping these cakes out like nobody’s business. All the while looking after an adorable but hyperactive 3 year old and almost 3 month old!! Super mum.


She made me a a red velvet cake with cream cheese vanilla frosting. Omg, omg, omg.


Can you hear that choir of angels singing in the background? That’s the soundtrack to this cake. Amazing. Thank you, big sis!

After enjoying a slice (or two) we popped it into the freezer in slices to stock up on our cake supply. An essential requirement in our household is we need cake in the freezer at all times. It got critical a few weeks ago when we were down to safety stock (one slice each left) but it’s back up to standard levels now. Panic over, people.

Time to get Friday done and dusted now. Enjoy your weekend!

What is your essential food requirement in your home? Oats, apples and cake. Absolutely no flexibility on that.

Have you ever taken a tumble on a run? Someone at work said “I guess you just went home then after that?” Yeah right, as long as nothing’s broken or sprained my motto is keep running!

What exercise highs have you enjoyed? Do you get them in strength training? What about yoga??

20 Replies to “Taking a tumble in running”

  1. I never thought about freezing cake before: hmm might be a bit dangerous for me, to have a stock pile! How long do you leave slices to defrost for? I hope your legs heals soon, your hand looks really painful. I went flying when running last year, it really gave me a fright!

    1. Yep we slice it and then wrap it in clingfilm or what-have-you and then we defrost it in the microwave (we have a defrost function). It is very dangerous, I agree, but I see it as my weekend treat and try to stick to that!

  2. I absolutely love that you have a cake supply in the freezer. It’s something my mum does at home but our freezer here is teeny so we don’t really have space. It would be so awesome to have a stash at homemade cake at all times! I hope you have a good flavour selection too 🙂
    Sorry to hear you took a tumble, it looks painful! Hope it clears up soon and you have a fab weekend!

  3. I tend to scroll through posts glancing over the pictures first before reading the actual text. When I saw your hands and legs I was like “What the heck?” Ah. That looks painful. That type of thing happens to me whenever I try to walk and multitask (often just talk). I can trip over everything, mostly my own feet or invisible roadblocks.

    Cake stock. Baha. Cake looks so much better sliced. I guess because you know what’s inside? That frosting was just hiding the deliciousness. Your sister sounds like a great sibling to have. Awesome baked goods!

  4. Ouch! Bet that stung when you jumped in the shower. 🙁 I’ve really gotten into trail running this year and about 90% of all of my runs now end up on trails, in woods and along the lake. The only down-side is that often you have to be looking at the floor and trees to make sure you don’t trip or get stabbed on your way through!
    I overstride, and have been trying to increase my cadence just lately – really concentrating on faster, shorter strides and I feel like my form is improving. At least, I really hope it is! It’s taking lots of concentration on my part!
    My Mum used to bake four or five cakes every month when we were younger and then pull one out of the freezer each Sunday for ‘cake night’! I’ve never had a red velvet cake though, everyone raves about them. Next time I have cake with a mate I am hunting out a slice of this!

    1. Yes! The shower was painful!
      It does take a lot of concentration to make sure you’re running form is good – but I’m hoping it’ll become more natural soon.
      Ahhh how amazing is your mum? My mum never baked us cakes *sobs*
      How have you not had red velvet? Rectify this immediately! 😉

  5. Bananas are my absolute essential, I cannot not have bananas in the house ha! Ouch that looks sore, I’ve fallen once when running a couple of years back, I was a few miles from my house and went flying along the concrete, I had to run home absolutely caked in blood, I cut all my fingers, hands, arms, and knees, I was in so much pain for days afterwards, I was lucky I didn’t break anything.

  6. Ouch that looks so painful- I hope you are OK.
    I have fallen over twice, and both times hurt myself quite a lot- once I bashed up my wrists and had to go to hospital the next day to have the grit cleaned out, and once a few months ago when I somehow bashed my shoulder, head and knee- I have a rather lovely dark patch on my shoulder now which I am not sure will ever go.

  7. Ouch! That fall looks painful! I’ve only fallen during running the once and that was smack in the middle of the great north run! Your cake looks incredible, I’m definitely up for baking more cakes in the future!

  8. Ha, I love that you keep emergency cake in the freezer! IN our house it’s sliced up bananas (Mr PoP is a true banana ice cream convert) – I jeep having to look for manky bananas on offer to keep them stocked up! Sorry about your tumble, looks painful 🙁

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