Injury update and the plank challenge continues

Hey guys. Well I certainly feel more positive now.

I saw my physio yesterday and she checked my knee out, bending and moving it, watching me squat and walk on the spot. Thankfully there’s no structural damage. Whew! Apparently my knee cap is moving slightly to one side when I bend it and this causes friction and discomfort.

She massaged my leg and then ultra sounded the affected area to treat the inflammation. She said I was definitely doing the right thing not doing the marathon. It’s a huge undertaking on a healthy body, let alone one that’s a big niggly like mine at the moment. But she said I should be fine for the Paris marathon. In fact she was very confident I’d be more than OK by January.

I’m going back to her next week for another session and she told me not to run in the meantime. To be honest, I am so focused on repairing myself and wanting to do well next year that I’m OK with that. Yes it’s rubbish, but I’ve got the bigger picture in my mind.

I am fully aware that when I properly getting back into running in January I will be slower. Long runs will be harder. But I have a base fitness and muscle memory, which I will try and maintain through regularly rowing, bike work and lots of strength training. Let’s be honest, I have years ahead of me to work on PBs 😉

It doesn't always work out


The plank challenge is getting very real over here. I am now able to do a 5min 15second plank. I can’t even believe it!! I now have to have music to get me through. I made Ben film me as I was convinced people (my fellow plank challengers at work) wouldn’t believe me. I probably won’t put that on the blog as, let’s be honest, it’s a pretty boring video!! Ben got a bit narked just sat there filming as well haha.

He did get on board though and did a 2min 30second plank as well. I am seriously impressed.

Amazingly my dad also attempted the plank challenge. Bless him, he’s not fit at all and has continually battled with his weight. So imagine my surprise when he managed a full one minute plank!!

Dad plank

I’m so proud of him. He said he felt muscles working that he didn’t even know he had!

And in the spirit of November almost at an end…here is what my lovely husband currently looks like with his Movember attempt.

Ben's Movember

Yep, that’s the man I married and love. The Mexican porn star lookalike. God help me.

Physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor – have you seen any? Technically my physio is an osteopath, I fully trust her opinion and guidance and she knows my running history.

Has anyone you know been affected by the Movember epidemic? I can’t wait for December…

Have you take time off running or a specific exercise what was it like getting back into it?

17 Replies to “Injury update and the plank challenge continues”

  1. Hehe, James mo looks like that as well but it’s a bit bushier cause he’s too lazy to trim it properly! Glad that it was positive news at the physio for January, you have the right attitude to it all! And a 5 minute plank, holy crap! I can just manage a 1 minute one and even at my most fit (and skinny) I think the best I did was 3 minutes. Well done!

  2. I am off to see a physio for the first time ever tomorrow- I am rather terrified of it. But I have had this problem before so I do want to find out what it is.
    At least you will be back running soon- the next few weeks will fly by. And I am super impressed with your planking skills! Excellent!

    1. Aww don’t be nervous – it’ll be fine. You’ll hopefully get some answers. I have a strange love for seeing the physio as I enjoy the massages and understanding why my body is rubbish. Hope it goes Ok! Good luck!

  3. Great to hear you’ve been able to fill that running void with some other exercises, and completely dominating your plank challenge. Good for you, girl! I really love the fact that both your hubs & Dad joined in. Too cool 🙂

  4. Well done to your Dad! And Ben!
    Dan did Movember last year. Basically for him, it was just an excuse to be lazy with his shaving. I’ve banned him from doing it in all future years – now he has to come up with something more inventive and I don’t get a prickled face!

  5. Haha, your picture of Ben with his mo made me laugh – in our house I have an 80’s porn star, so I feel your pain. I’m off to visit my parents this weekend and have said it has to be gone when I return! Glad to hear the physio was helpful, and that she’s confident you can get it all sorted for the Paris marathon 🙂

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