That love-hate thing

Hello! Almost Friday which means my long weekend is almost here, woohoo! I’m in such a good mood. It’s going to be a hectic Friday and weekend but I love being busy and ticking things off my to-do list and, of course, a nice long sleep and the chance for an extended run. During the week I can only really run for about 50 minutes as I need to get ready and drive the million miles to work (OK, it’s not that far, but sometimes it feels like it). And as much as I love running, getting up earlier than 5.30am is just not going to happen. I love sleeping much more.

I don’t really run in the evenings because I find that after finishing work I’m shattered and just want to cook dinner and then flop onto the sofa (in a very attractive and graceful way…*cough*). Then a short-time after that, I go to bed (yep, I’m that cool, people). Plus running for me is one of the best ways to get my energised and ready for the day. I’m in such a better mood after running and have so much energy. Not so good before bedtime!

So I can only run just over 5 miles in a morning in the week. Though saying that, I usually don’t want to do more than that anyway as I don’t have as much energy for it as I do at the weekend. The week runs are always a bit of a slog and generate a lot of self-hatred of “whhhhy am I out here when everyone else in the world is in bed??”. Whereas I see my weekend run as an unconstrained run where I can run as long or as little as I want and that sort of mentality really helps with the run. And getting up at 9am is a bit more of a friendly time!

Wednesday’s run went OK but, like I said, it’s always tough. The first mile is just me thinking of how I could just go home and then the other miles are me continuously pushing myself. I’ve never quit a run but psychologically it’s tough to keep the momentum going. The last mile is always the best and it’s that sense of achievement of finishing is always worth the pain (at least that’s what I’ve brainwashed myself into thinking!).

18.07 Run

Do other people have this constant battle and happiness associated with working out? You love doing it but not necessarily while you’re doing it??

On another note, I wanted to share my MAMMONTH meal last night:


That’s chicken with a ‘sprinkle’ on it (a spicey mix of herbs and, er, spice), half an avocado, some cannellini beans stir-fried with some bell pepper and onions and a whole load of veg on the side. In retrospect, it probably was too much. Maybe I didn’t quite need the side of veg. I massively overestimated my hunger levels and stomach capacity. However, I did finish it. I did go to bed massively full and bloated though. It was damn good though.

And here’s what I wore yesterday:


The belt definitely came off post-meal…

Anyone else have the problem when they can’t stop eating something even when they’re full just because it tastes way to go to leave?

Buffets are not my friend

So glad Monday is over. I had to do a Big Scary Work Presentation for the project I’m working on. But I got through it, and actually sounded like I knew what I was talking about, which is always a plus I guess. Even got some good feedback, hurrah!

Although it didn’t go completely smoothly – things never do with me. After dialling in to the people who were working from home and just getting ready to start, in true Anna style, I decide to knock my laptop into the phone subsequently hanging up everyone on the call. Mortification doesn’t quite cover my feelings at the time. Nor does beetroot for the colour of red my face turned…

Ah well, they saw the funny side so it wasn’t a complete disaster. An ice breaker I suppose.

Then we had a little ‘party’ to meet and greet all the people involved in the project. And there was a buffet. Buffets are my absolute weakness. All my good intentions and healthy behaviours just fly out of the window. I become overcome by the thought that the food might run out, all the good stuff will go quickly…so I panic. I’m invariably the first there eagerly waiting with my plate.  I stack it high with everything, even food I wouldn’t usually touch with a barge pole! I don’t know what it is. Maybe some sort of underlying psychological insecurity about going hungry. Needless to say I look like a bit of a pig and there’s usually always food left over so my intentions are in vain anyway.

It’s so difficult to know when to stop as well. Mini food is never good in my eyes. It’s deceptive and you never can tell how much you’ve eaten. So I just keep going. I probably ate the equivalent of three meals…whoops.

Right, back to being healthy! Today is a new day after all.